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Requests for Proposals
Requests for Proposals and/or Requests for Information to provide services or operate programs to meet DHHS needs.

The table below is sorted by release date, with the newest RFPs at the top. Click on RFP # for request details. To search for a specific RFP, use the search bar in the upper right-hand corner. To see RFPs that have closed, go to the RFP Archive.

Program areas: BDAS | BEAS | BIDC | BHHS | BMH | DBH | DCS | DCYF | DPHS | DFA | OCOM | OHS | OII | OIS | OMBP | OQAI

RFP # Title Release Date Close Date/Time
Bureau of Drug and Alcohol Services (BDAS)
RFP-2017-BDAS-01-SUBST Substance Misuse Prevention Direct Services 09/07/2016 10/05/2016, 2:00 PM
RFP-2017-BDAS-02-PEERR Peer Recovery Support Services
08/19/2016 10/07/2016, 2:00 PM
RFA-2017-BDAS-02-STUDE Student Assistance Program
06/22/2016, 2:00 PM
Bureau of Elderly and Adult Services (BEAS)
RFA-2017-BEAS-06-NUTRI Nutrition and Transportation Service 09/02/2016 10/07/2016, 2:00 PM
RFP-2017-BEAS-01-CHRON Chronic Disease Self-Management Program and
Powerful Tools for Caregivers Program
09/01/2016 09/29/2016, 2:00 PM
RFA-2017-BEAS-02-NUTRI Nutrition and Transportation Services cancelled  
RFA-2017-BEAS-01-INHOM In Home Care, In Home Health Aide, In Home Nursing Services
09/19/2016, 2:00 PM
RFA-2017-BEAS-05-PERSO Personal Emergency Response Systems
08/16/2016, 2:00 PM
RFA-2017-BEAS-04-LEGAL Legal Services
08/11/2016, 2:00 PM
RFA-2017-BEAS-03-ADULT Adult Day Program Services
07/06/2016 Open until program needs are met
Bureau of Homeless and Housing Services (BHHS)
RFA-2018-BHHS-02-HOMEL Homeless Housing and Access Revolving Loan Fund (HHARLF) 09/30/2016 11/18/2016, 4:00 PM
RFP-2018-BHHS-01-STATEG State-Grant-In-Aid Funds 09/30/2016 11/18/2016, 4:00 PM
Bureau of Infectious Disease Control (BIDC)
RFP-2017-BIDC-14-TARGE Targeted Testing for Human Immunodeficiency Virus and Hepatitis C Virus 07/20/2016 08/29/2016, 2:00 PM
RFP-2017-BIDC-11-COALI Coalition Coordinator
07/06/2016, 2:00 PM
RFA-2017-BIDC-03-TUBER Tuberculosis Care Services 04/01/2016 Open until filled
Bureau of Mental Health (BMH)
RFP-2016-BMH-08-MODUL Modular Approach to Therapy for Children (MATCH) Trainer
04/13/2016 06/012016, 2:00 PM
Division of Behavioral Health (DBH)
RFP-2017-DBH-01-WORKF Workforce Development Plan for State Youth Treatment-Planning (SYT-P) RFP 10/21/2016 11/22/2016, 2:00 PM
RFP-2017-DBH-02-EVALU Evaluation of State Youth Treatment-Planning (SYT-P) 10/21/2016 11/22/2016, 2:00 PM
Division for Children, Youth and Families (DCYF)
RFA-2017-DCYF-07-TITLE Title I Programs for DCYF 10/11/2016 10/27/2016, 2:00 PM
RFP-2017-DCYF-06-AFTER After-Hour Access to Division for Children, Youth and Families (DCYF) Child Protection 10/07/2016 11/07/2016, 2:00 PM
RFP-2017-DCYF-06-FAIR Family Assessment Inclusive Reunification Facilitator 05/27/2016 Open until filled
RFP-2017-DCYF-03-STATE Workforce Development Plan for State Youth
Treatment-Planning (SYT-P)
04/22/2016 06/10/2016, 2:00 PM
RFA-2017-DCYF-05-EMBED Embedded Drug & Alcohol Consultants for the
Division for Children, Youth and Families (DCYF)
04/14/2016 Open until filled
16-DHHS-OHS-DCYF-RFA-07 Request for Application - Licensed Dentist
Sununu Youth Services Center
10/07/2015 Open until filled
Division of Client Services (DCS)
RFP DHHS 2016-002 Electronic Asset Verification System Solution 11/12/2015 01/06/2016
Division of Child Support Services (DCSS)
RFP-2017-DCSS-03-REVIE Review of Child Support Guidelines 10/03/2016 11/14/2016, 2:00 PM
RFP-2017-DCSS-01-CREDI Credit Reporting Services
02/08/2016 03/23/2016, 2:00 PM
DHHS 2016-046 State Disbursement Unit 02/04/2016 03/10/2016, 2:00 PM
Division of Family Services (DFA)
RFP-2017-DFA-02-GATE Gateway to Work: Shea Farm Case Management Services
04/22/2016 05/27/2016, 2:00 PM
RFP-2017-DFA-01-GATE Gateway to Work Case Management Services
04/22/2016 05/27/2016, 2:00 PM
Division of Public Health Services (DPHS)
RFP-2017-DPHS-15-MATER Maternal, Infant, and Early Childhood Home Visiting Needs Assessment, Recruitment Campaign, and Tobacco Use and Dependence 10/10/2016 11/17/2016, 2:00 PM
RFP-2017-DPHS-02-BRFSS Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System
09/19/2016, 2:00 PM
RFP-2017-DPHS-03-CANCE Cancer Registry Operations
09/02/2016, 2:00 PM
RFP WIC 16-04 eWIC Project Management 05/23/2016
RFA-2017-DHHS-DPHS-09-FAMI Family Planning Medical Consultant 04/22/2016 Open until filled
New Hampshire Hospital (NHH)
RFP-2017-NHH-01-LIFES Life Safety Systems Testing and Maintenance 07/20/2016
08/15/2016, 2:00 PM
Office of the Commissioner (OCOM)
RFP-2017-OCOM-02-DELIV Delivery System Reform Incentive Program
Learning Collaborative
07/15/2016, 2:00 PM
Office of Human Services (OHS)
RFP-2017-OHS-01-SERVI Improving Access to Information and Services for Individuals
and Families Needing Long Term Supports and Services:
New Hampshire ServiceLink Program
08/30/2016, 2:00 PM
16-DHHS-OHS-DCS-RFA-05 Disability Determination Reviewer
12/11/2015 To be determined
Office of Improvement and Integrity (OII)
RFP-2017-OII-01-UTILI Utilization & Quality Control Peer Review Services 06/10/2016 07/15/2016, 2:00 PM
Office of Information Services (OIS)
RFP-2016-OIS-01-MITA Consulting Services for MITA 3.0 State Self-Assessment
and Related Activities for New Hampshire, Massachusetts
and Rhode Island
03/23/2016 05/06/2016, 2:00 PM
Office of Medicaid Business Policy (OMBP)
RFB-2017-OMBP-02-TRANS Transportation Management for NHHPP PAP Participants
and FFS Participants
07/25/2016 09/092016, 2:00 PM
Office of Minority Health and Refugee Affairs (OMHRA)
RFP-2017-OMHRA-01-REFUG Refugee Social Services Program
08/03/2016, 2:00 PM
Office of Quality Assurance and Improvement (OQAI)
RFP 2017-001 Comprehensive Healthcare Information System (CHIS) 09/20/2016 11/01/2016, 2:30 PM
RFP-2016-OQAI-01-PREMI Premium Assistance Program Evaluation Plan Implementation
03/31/2016 06/15/2016, 4:00 PM
RFP-2016-OQAI-02-DELIV Delivery System Reform Incentive Program Evaluation Plan Design 03/29/2016 04/05/2016, 4:00 PM


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