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Contact DCSS through Webmail

When sending a Webmail to DCSS, please use EMPLOYER as the subject line so we can serve you more efficiently. Include your full company name, address and contact information in the body of the webmail. Be sure to include the employee/obligor's full name and his/her remittance identifier (if known), or the last 4 digits of his/her Social Security Number (if the remittance identifier is not known), when you provide, or inquire regarding, case specific information.

Electronic Income Withholding Order (E-IWO) Overview

The Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement has developed an electronic Income Withholding Order (e-IWO) process that enables you to:

  • Receive your child support Income Withholding Orders (IWO) electronically, and
  • Send acknowledgments to the state indicating whether you are accepting or rejecting the order.

The e-IWO process has proven to be a cost effective and efficient method of handling child support IWOs for employers.

There is no cost for you to participate in the e-IWO program! You can choose one of two options to implement the e-IWO process: the System-to-System interface or the No Programming option (NPO). There is no option for emailing IWOs to your organization.

Why Enroll in E–IWO:

  • Eliminate time consuming paperwork
  • Increase accuracy and reliability of data
  • Save staff time and resources
  • Communicate quickly with state child support agencies
  • No cost to employers

Questions or to Enroll in E-IWO:

Contact William Stuart with the Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement via email: or by Phone at (518) 399-9241.

Where to send payments

EMPLOYER Income Assignments
Child Support Regional Processing Center
PO Box 9501
Manchester, NH 03108-9501

Billing Coupons

Please send a Webmail if you are having trouble receiving or no longer wish to receive coupons. If you no longer wish to receive billing coupons because you use a payroll company, please include in the Webmail the name and address of your payroll company. Be sure to keep your payroll company information up-to-date.

Modification and Termination of Income Withholding

An income withholding order is controlling on the employer until further notice. An employer cannot modify or end an ongoing wage assignment unless it receives a separate termination IWO from DCSS.

Insufficient Funds- the employee's paycheck does not cover the obligation

The amount withheld in an income assignment cannot be more than the amount specified in 15 USC 1673(b), "Restriction on Garnishment." The maximum percentage of net pay that can be withheld when child support arrearages are owed is 65% if the employee does not support a second family and 55% if the employee does support a second family. If the employee does not owe child support arrearages, then the figures are 60% and 50% respectively.

This is the link to the Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement (OCSE) website for employers. This website contains examples of calculations used when an employee does not earn enough wages to meet the order for child support withholding.

Multiple IWOs

If there is more than one IWO against this employee/obligor and you are unable to fully honor all IWOs due to Federal, State, or Tribal withholding limits, you must honor all IWOs to the greatest extent possible, giving priority to current support before payment of any past-due support. Follow the State or Tribal law/procedure of the employee/obligor's principal place of employment to determine the appropriate allocation method.

Termination of Employment

To report terminations of employment to DCSS, please fill out and return the NOTIFICATION OF EMPLOYMENT TERMINATION OR INCOME STATUS section on page 3 of the Income Withholding For Support (IWO) Form. Please include the last known address of the obligor and new employer, if known.

Lump Sum Payment

Contact the Child Support Worker listed on the IWO to determine if you are required to report and/or withhold lump sum payments.

New Hire Reporting- Business Compliance (NHES)

Federal Resources for Employers

Medical Support and the National Medical Support Notice (NMSN)

All State Child Support orders must include orders for medical support. When health insurance is ordered, an NMSN is sent to the employer directing the enrollment of the employee's children in available health insurance if available to the employee at reasonable cost. A letter accompanying the NMSN will provide the amount the court has determined to be reasonable.

Until recently the New Hampshire Division of Child Support (NH DCSS) contracted with Health Management System (HMS) Medical Support Unit of Irving, TX, to process the National Medical Support Notice (NMSN) and manage NMSN information on NH DCSS' behalf.

Effective April 25, 2014, NH DCSS no longer contracts with HMS for NMSN services. DCSS is in the process to transition the means to provide this information through a new website that may not be available for a few months. In the interim, you may submit the information to DCSS by email through this website. DCSS will retain the information until the new website is available to employers. In the subject line of the email, please note NMSN Updates.

OCSE and Medical Support

More information about the NMSN


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