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Vaccine Management

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Remember to Update Your Vaccine Management Plan for 2015!

It is important that your plan be updated with any changes that have occurred in 2014 that you have not yet changed or updated. Although it is not a requirement that you submit them with your 2015 certification documents, NHIP staff will be reviewing these when we visit your office in 2015. This document is for the benefit of your entire staff and gives guidance for all those who may have to take on the role of vaccine management in the absence of the regular or assistant manager.

The Emergency Plan portion of your management plan must be readily available to all staff in case there is a need to transfer vaccine due to a power outage or a storage unit failure. Everyone needs to know what to do when there is an interruption in power supply to your vaccine.

Some key changes that should be added to your plan if not done so already:

  • Vaccine ordering and reporting is now done through VTrckS. Paper documents are only accepted for emergency situations and must have prior approval.
  • Storage units are now monitored by a 24/7 monitoring device, either the data logger supplied by NHIP or one the practice has purchased on their own that passes the CDC requirements.
  • Minimums and Maximum temps must be checked every day and documented on your paper temp logs.
  • Paper temp logs are still faxed into NHIP at the end of every month.
  • Data logger reports must be downloaded at the end of every month and saved in a file on your computer.
  • All vaccine storage units should have water bottle placed in the unit to help with the stability of the unit
  • Every practice is required to have a certified calibrated back-up thermometer (one for each type of storage – 1 refrigerator and 1 freezer). These would be the previously supplied NHIP stick thermometers. They should be kept in a centralized location and all staff should know that if there is ever a problem with the 24/7 monitoring device that the back-up thermometer should be placed in the unit. CDC recommends that, to avoid confusion, the back-up thermometer should not be kept in the storage unit.
  • When there is an alarm (temperature excursion) a report should be immediately downloaded and NHIP called.

Remember your plan must be signed and the review/revised date documented. (This is a requirement.)

Please contact Lori Johnson, Vaccine Quality Specialist at 271-4457 if you have any questions or concerns about your plan.

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Impact of Power Outage on Vaccine Storage

All snow and/or ice storms have the potential of interrupting your power supply. While outages can be brief, they may persist for extended periods of time and have significant implications for vaccine storage. The document Impact of Power Outage on Vaccine Storage Adobe Acrobat Reader Symbol provides helpful information during an outage.

Adobe Acrobat Reader Symbol Adobe Acrobat Reader format. You can download a free reader from Adobe.

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