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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Care Management program?

Care Management is a new NH Medicaid program. This program will change the way that you get your medical services. You will pick 1 of 3 health plans. A Health Plan is a group of doctors and other providers who work together to give health services to members.

You still have Medicaid. The same services covered by Medicaid will be covered by the health plans. You will continue to have the same services that are covered under Medicaid. The health plans will be able to offer additional programs and services not offered by NH Medicaid. Many of these are called wellness and prevention programs. They are designed to help you stay healthy and meet your health goals.

For NH Medicaid clients with chronic health conditions, the Health Plan will offer additional help to you. This will help you get services to meet your needs and improve your health.

Why is NH Medicaid starting a Care Management program?

The NH legislature passed a law that started the Care Management program. The Care Management program offers you a choice of health plans with doctors and other providers that will help you to stay healthy.

Will I have to pick a health plan?

Most Medicaid clients will have to pick a health plan. That means you have to pick a Health Plan as a part of your medical assistance.

For some Medicaid clients, depending on other types of assistance you get, are voluntary or exempt from picking a health plan.

If you are exempt that means that you cannot pick a health plan.

To be voluntary means you have an option to pick a Health Plan or opt-out. To opt-out means you tell us that you do not want to pick a health plan.

If you are voluntary, it is important to know that if you do not tell us which Health Plan you picked or that you do not want to join a health plan, we will auto-assign you to a health plan. That means that the Department will pick a Health Plan for you.

Most NH Medicaid clients are mandatory, so it is likely that you will have to pick a Health Plan as a part of your medical assistance.

Looking for more information? If you want to know if the type of assistance you get will affect if you have to pick a health plan, have a choice to pick, or cannot pick call the Enrollment Call Center at 1-888-901-4999.

Will my benefits change?

You still have Medicaid and your covered services will NOT change. Health plans will cover all the same services as Medicaid. You will see a change in how you get your services. The health plans will have doctors, nurses and other providers that will work together to make sure that you get the care that you need when you need it. If you have a chronic health need, the health plans will provide extra support with a person called a care manager. Care managers will help you manage your conditions and improve your health, based on the services that you need.

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