DHHS Management Team

Information about members of the management team

Lori Weaver, Interim Commissioner

Lori Weaver
Interim Commissioner 

Lori Weaver currently serves as the Interim Commissioner of the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS). With more than 25 years of experience with the Department and a strong focus on working collaboratively across all levels and functions, other state agencies and external partners, Commissioner Weaver has demonstrated leadership and success in achieving shared organizational goals and objectives. 
Prior to assuming the Interim Commissioner role, she served as Deputy Commissioner of DHHS, working to ensure continuity of operations throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. She previously held the position of DHHS Associate Commissioner of Operations, overseeing all operational aspects of the State’s largest Department.

During her tenure with DHHS, Commissioner Weaver has also served as the Director of Organizational Development Services and the Director of Training Services. Prior to joining the Department, she also worked for several nonprofit agencies and served as a Director of Residential Services for children and youth in both New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

Nathan White, Director, Division of Finance and Procurement

Nathan White
Chief Financial Officer

Nathan White leads the Division of Finance and Procurement. The Finance Team is responsible for the daily financial accounting and oversight, preparation of and management of DHHS’ budget, grants administration, federal reporting, rate setting, drawdown of federal funds, accounts payable, and revenue projections, among others. The Contracts Team facilitates all DHHS solicitations, contracts, memoranda of understanding, amendments, and other agreements.  

Morissa Henn, Associate Commissioner

Morissa Henn
Associate Commissioner

Associate Commissioner Morissa Henn helps lead cross-cutting efforts to integrate policy and practice to improve services for youth and families. Her portfolio includes New Hampshire's child welfare and juvenile justice system (the Division for Children, Youth, and Families), its public mental health and substance misuse system (the Division for Behavioral Health), and its psychiatric hospital for youth (Hampstead Hospital and Residential Treatment Facility). She is a member of the Department’s Senior Executive Team and helps ensure the integration of policy and practice among all Departmental programs and services.

Melissa St. Cyr, Chief Legal Officer

Melissa St. Cyr
Chief Legal Officer

Melissa St. Cyr, Chief Legal Officer, leads the Office of Legal and Regulatory Services. This Office includes the Bureau of Legal Services, Bureau of Licensing and Certification, DHHS Ombudsman Office, Office of Long Term Care Ombudsman, Administrative Appeals Unit and Legislative Services. The Bureau of Legal Services includes general counsel, DCYF and Child Support Attorneys, Administrative Rules Unit and Estate Recoveries Unit. The Bureau of Licensing and Certification includes Health Facilities Licensing and Certifications Unit, Community Residence Licensing and Certification Unit, and Child Care Licensing. DHHS Ombudsman manages complaints and seeks resolution for all DHHS clients. TheOffice of the Long Term Care Ombudsman focuses on advocating for residents in long term care facilities. The Administrative Appeals Unit is responsible for conducting fair hearings on final actions taken by the Department related to services rendered. Legislative Services coordinates and supports all legislative matters involving the Department. 

Ann Landry, Associate Commissioner

Ann Landry
Associate Commissioner

Associate Commissioner Ann Landry ensures programmatic and policy integration to advance the health of DHHS clients and NH residents. She oversees the Division of Public Health Services, the Division of Medicaid Services, the Office of Health Equity, and the Division of Program Quality and Integrity. As a member of the Department’s Senior Executive Team, she works collaboratively across the Department's program areas to integrate internal programs and processes in order to improve the delivery of services to NH residents.

Jonathan Ballard, CMO 

Jonathan Ballard
Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Jonathan Ballard is the Department's Chief Medical Officer. Dr. Ballard provides medical oversight for the clinical areas of the Department and serves as a resource for program areas for clinical and health care related questions or issues. 

Chris Santaniello, Associate Commissioner

Chris Santaniello
Associate Commissioner

Associate Commissioner Chris Santaniello has broad leadership and policy responsibilities within the Department’s human services programs. Her portfolio includes the Division of Economic Stability, Division for Long Term Supports and Services, and the Bureau of Information Services (BIS). Her work includes efforts to mitigate the Cliff Effect, co-leading the Council on Housing Stability, and capacity building for home and community based services.  A member of the Department’s Senior Executive Team, she works closely with Division directors and their leadership teams to integrate policy and practice to support the needs of individuals and families served. 

Ellen Lapointe, CEO, NHH

Ellen Lapointe, CEO
New Hampshire Hospital

Ellen Lapointe is the Chief Executive Officer fo New Hampshire Hospital. 

Kathi Collins, CEO, Hampstead Hospital 

Kathi Collins, CEO
Hampstead Hospital

Chief Executive Officer Kathi Collins oversees Hampstead Hospital and Residential Treatment Facility. The facility provides treatment to children, adolescents, and young adults in mental health crisis. Soon, we will also provide Level 5, Residential Treatment for New Hampshire clients age 5 -21. 

Karen Hebert

Karen Hebert, Director
Division of Economic Stability

As the Director of the Division of Economic Stability, Karen Hebert oversees programs that provide services to advance the health, economic and social well-being of individuals, families and communities. This includes Child Support, Family Assistance (such as TANF, SNAP, Medicaid, Childcare), Employment Support, Child Development and Head Start Collaboration, Comprehensive Family Support Services and the Preschool Development Grant. Many of these programs are supported by the Department’s integrated eligibility and enrollment system which is also in this Division. We apply a whole-family/whole person service model for optimal service access and delivery. 

Patricia Tilley, Director, DPHS

Patricia Tilley, Director
Division of Public Health Services

Patricia Tilley serves as the Director of the Division of Public Health Services (DPHS). She and her team work together to protect and promote health and wellbeing, prevent infectious diseases and chronic conditions, and reduce health inequities. Public Health programs ensure that everyone has access to high quality preventative and primary health care services. DPHS uses data and evidence-based strategies to prevent injuries and disease in the communities where residents of all ages live, learn, work, and play,

Katja Fox, Director, Division for Behavioral Health

Katja Fox, Director
Division for Behavioral Health

Katja Fox is the Director of the Division for Behavioral Health. The Division is made up of the Bureau for Children’s Behavioral Health, Bureau of Drug and Alcohol Services, Bureau of Mental Health Services and recently added the Bureau of Homeless Services. The Division also has a Policy Unit that addresses cross-systems work.

Jake Leon, Director, Communications
Jake Leon, Director
Communications & Public Information

Jake Leon, the Director of Communications, oversees the DHHS Bureau of Communications and Public Information. The Office is responsible for working with media organizations, ensuring they have the information they need to report on matters involving the Department. The Office answers all media calls and partners with media outlets to better serve the public.

Meredith Telus, Director, Division of Program Quality and Integrity

Meredith Telus, Director
Division of Program Quality & Integrity

Meredith Telus is the Director of the Division of Program Quality and Integrity for DHHS. Meredith and her team of 100 staff are bringing expertise, systems, and tools to program areas as needed to ensure programs are collectively using data to identify risks and make system improvements, mitigate audit findings, ease administrative burdens, and work with DHHS community partners to reach common goals and intended outcomes for NH citizens.

Reuben Hampton, Director, Office of Health Equity

Reuben Hampton, Director
Office of Health Equity

Reuben Hampton is the Director of the Office of Health Equity. The Office of Health Equity works to ensure equitable access to effective, quality DHHS programs and services for clients across all populations, with specialized focus on racial, ethnic, language, gender and sexual minorities, individuals from low income backgrounds, and individuals with disabilities. The office provides support for refugee services, communication access, hearing/speech/vision access, behavioral health, and community engagement among other areas as we strive to improve health outcomes for marginalized groups.

Henry Lipman, Director, Medicaid Services

Henry Lipman, Director
Division of Medicaid Services

As Medicaid Director, Henry Lipman is the New Hampshire state lead for coordination with the U.S. Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services. In this role, he supports DHHS Divisions in developing, implementing, operating and financing the joint federal/state partnership for the services under the NH state plan and the waivers for NH’s Medicaid Program.

David Wieters, Director, Information Services

David Wieters, Director
Information Services

As the Information Services Director, David Wieters coordinates and integrates interoperable and integrated solutions across the Department to promote an individual-centric services model by blending and braiding the information system needs of each individual bureau and program throughout DHHS . His team focuses on strategic planning, interoperability, project management, information security, business intelligence (analytics, data warehousing and dashboards), and overall application and hardware lifecycle management in partnership with the embedded information services teams throughout each division. 

Melissa Hardy, Director, Long Term Supports and Services

Melissa Hardy, Director
Division of Long Term Supports & Services

Melissa Hardy is the Director of Long Term Supports and Services. The Division is comprised of three bureaus – Bureau of Developmental Services, Bureau of Elderly and Adult Services and the Bureau of Family Centered Services. The Division was established in 2017 to provide opportunities to strengthen access and provide comprehensive, coordinated services throughout a person’s life.

Joe Ribsam, Director, DCYF

Joe Ribsam, Director
Division for Children, Youth & Families

Joe Ribsam is the Director of the Division for Children Youth and Families. In this capacity, he oversees child protective services and juvenile justice services for the state of New Hampshire. His work has focused on shifting the state’s child and family serving systems to be more proactive and supportive. He currently serves as Vice President of the New England Association of Child Welfare Commissioners and Directors, on the Executive Committee of the National Association of Public Child Welfare Administrators, and on the Editorial Board of the Journal of Public Child Welfare.