NHH Payment for Services

Information regarding financial services for patients in New Hampshire Hospital

At NHH, we understand that health care expenses are often unexpected and that paying for services can sometimes be overwhelming.

Patient Financial Services is here to support you by assessing your potential financial responsibility. We are also available to assist with coordination of benefits and applying for assistance.

If you have access to insurance coverage through Medicare, Medicaid, or private insurance, then the hospital will bill your insurance coverage for your stay. You will be liable for any co-pays or deductibles not covered by your insurance plan. If you do not have insurance coverage or your insurance plan does not cover your entire stay, then you may be personally liable for your stay based on your ability to pay. You will be contacted by a representative from Patient Financial Services to complete a financial statement to determine any insurance coverage and to assess your ability to pay for your stay at the Hospital.

The representative from Patient Financial Services is available to you while at the Hospital or after discharge to assist you in completing the financial statement. Law (RSA 126-A) requires the financial statement to be completed even if you have insurance coverage. Please direct any questions you might have related to cost of care, your obligation to pay or payment arrangements to Patient Financial Services at (603) 271-5741 or (603) 271-5742, or toll free in New Hampshire at 1-800-852-3345 Ext. 5741 or Ext. 5742.

New Hampshire Hospital will provide you necessary care regardless of your ability to pay. Patient Financial Service and/or your social worker may be able to assist you in obtaining public assistance that may help cover some or all of your costs at the Hospital.

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