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Governor's Commission on Alcohol and Other Drugs
The mission of the Governor's Commission on Alcohol and Other Drugs is to significantly reduce alcohol and drug problems and their behavioral, health and social consequences for the citizens of New Hampshire by advising the Governor regarding the delivery of effective and coordinated alcohol and drug abuse prevention, treatment and recovery services throughout the state.

Governor's CommissionWe envision a society in which alcohol and drug problems are recognized as a public health issue that is both preventable and treatable.

We envision a society in which high-quality services for prevention and treatment of alcohol and drug problems are widely available and where prevention and treatment are recognized as specialized fields of expertise.

We envision a society in which people with a history of alcohol or drug problems, people in recovery, and people at risk for these problems are valued and treated with dignity and where stigma, prejudice, discrimination, and other barriers to prevention and recovery are eliminated.

The Commission was created by the NH Legislature in the year 2000 and revised in 2014. Its duties include:

  • Developing and revising, as necessary, a statewide plan for the effective prevention of alcohol and drug abuse, particularly among youth; and a comprehensive system of treatment and recovery services for individuals and families affected by alcohol and drug abuse;
  • Promoting collaboration between and among state agencies and communities to foster the development of effective community-based alcohol and drug abuse prevention programs;
  • Promoting the development of treatment services to meet the needs of citizens addicted to alcohol or other drugs;
  • Identifying unmet needs the resources required to reduce the incidence of alcohol and drug abuse in NH and to make recommendations to the Governor regarding legislation and funding to address such needs; and
  • Authorizing the disbursement of moneys from the alcohol abuse and prevention and treatment fund, pursuant to RSA 176-A:1, III.

The following task forces assist the Commission in the performance of its duties:

The Chairperson may create additional task forces as needed.

Strategic Plan thumbnailThe Governor’s Commission on Alcohol and Other Drugs is pleased to present its 2019-2022 Strategic Plan Adobe Acrobat Reader Symbol. This plan highlights the key actions to be taken over the next three years to comprehensively address our state’s addiction crisis. This plan has been developed with input and expertise provided by Commission members, Commission Task Force members, and other key stakeholders. This plan serves as a blueprint for our shared efforts, with a focus on alignment, coordination, innovation, and accountability.


The Governor's Commission on Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Prevention, Intervention, Treatment and Recovery is pleased to share an update on the progress made in the first half of state fiscal year 2017, July – December 2016 Adobe Acrobat Reader Symbol, following up on its 2016 Commission's Annual Report Adobe Acrobat Reader Symbol (read the 2015 report Adobe Acrobat Reader Symbol ) to the Governor and Legislature. This report highlights progress, challenges, and opportunities for the Commission and its collective efforts to address the misuse of alcohol and other drugs, particularly opioids, and to promote treatment and recovery.

Meeting Minutes

The Governor's Commission on Alcohol and Other Drugs meeting minutes are presented below (files in PDF format Adobe Acrobat Reader Symbol)

2019 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014
  December 14 December 15 December 16 December 18  
  October 26 October 27 October 28 October 23 October 24
August 23 August 24 August 31 August 26 August 28 August 22
June 21 June 22 June 30 June 24 June 26  
May 10 May 9 May 5 April 22 April 24  
March 22 March 23        
February 22 February 23 February 23 February 19 February 27  
January 25          

The Prevention Task Force of the NH Governor's Commission on Alcohol and Other Drugs released the Top 5 Actions Schools Can Take to Help Prevent and Reduce Youth Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drug Use Adobe Acrobat Reader Symbol. This publication provides guidance to New Hampshire schools on assessing and developing model policies to address alcohol and other drug use. Additional information on evidence-based programming, policy change, social marketing campaigns, and related training for schools can be found on the NH Center for Excellence resources page.

Adobe Acrobat Reader Symbol Adobe Acrobat Reader format. You can download a free reader from Adobe.

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