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The Psychology Department of New Hampshire Hospital (NHH) provides clinical services, on a consultation basis, to meet the unique needs of the patients and the therapeutic environment of the hospital. Services are designed to address the acute symptoms of patients who are hospitalized for a brief length of stay. These services are an integral part of the treatment program at NHH and may include treatment interventions, psychological testing, suicide risk intervention, consultations with attending psychiatrists and treatment teams, and the development of individualized patient behavior plans.

Referrals may be made for individual interventions to address a wide range of issues depending on the patient's needs, and may include cognitive behavioral therapy techniques, motivational interviewing, supportive therapy, and other evidence-based interventions. Objectives of these interventions can include learning techniques to better manage stress, anxiety, depression, and many other types of symptoms; developing or improving general coping skills; learning to recognize one's own needs and how to best meet them; identifying and setting goals for ongoing treatment. At times, couples' therapy or family therapy sessions may be appropriate.

Psychological testing may be requested to help with diagnostic clarification, to assist patients and their treatment teams to better understand their emotional and personality functioning, and to provide treatment recommendations.

Psychologists also contribute to the discharge recommendations and may attend NHH Treatment Team meetings as well as meetings with community outpatient providers.

Members of the Psychology Department are full time doctoral level clinical psychologists who are experienced and skilled in working with patients in an acute psychiatric hospital. Also included are neuropsychologists, pre-doctoral neuropsychology interns, and postdoctoral neuropsychology fellows from the Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth. As part of the teaching hospital atmosphere of NHH, psychologists also contribute to the training of the neuropsychology interns. Neuropsychologists provide neuropsychological testing for children and adults to assess for current cognitive functioning, neurological disorders or injury to the brain.

Psychology services are available on a hospital-wide basis to any patient upon referral by the patient's attending psychiatrist. All psychology services are supervised by the Chief Psychologist and supported by the Chief Medical Officer. They will continue to evolve to support the therapeutic needs of patients and the well being of the New Hampshire Hospital community.

For more information about psychology services at NHH, including student placements, please contact New Hampshire Hospital.

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