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The NH Division for Children, Youth and Families (DCYF) is pleased to share with the public the policies that guide the Division’s work. DCYF policies provide direction and guidance to DCYF staff on their work with children, youth, families, and other system partners. DCYF policies are regularly updated based on changes to State or federal law, legislation and best practices. As such, new and revised DCYF policies will be added to this page on an on-going basis.

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Chapter Section New# Policy Name #
1 - Introduction to DCYF 1001-1049  
  DCYF Mission 1003 Policy Manual Preamble A
  Agency Roles 1012 Committed Program Mission SRS-801
    1013 Detention Program Mission SRS-802
  Practice Philosophy 1035 Restorative Practices  
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2 - Staff Responsibilities 1050-1149  
  Standards and Expectations 1050 Standards for Supervision 136
    1051 Professionalism and Ethics C-002 / 3
    1060 Exit Interview C-008
    1070 Confidentiality C-020
    1076 Sick Leave C-015
    1080 Mobile Devices 41/FS-110
    1084 Mobile Printers  
    1091 State Vehicle Use C-007
    1099 Critical Incident Reporting - Case Specific  
  Worker Safety 1105 Staff Field and Office Safety 690(a)
  Collaborations 1140 Parent Leaders of the Division for Children, Youth and Families  
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3 - Child Protective Field Services 1150-1324  
  CPS Central Intake 1150 Child Abuse and Neglect Intake 680
    1151 Child Neglect 680(a)
    1152 Child Physical Abuse 680(b)
    1153 Child Sexual Abuse 680(c)
    1155 Intake Data on NH Bridges 680(d)
    1156 Second Level Screening 680(e)
    1157 Receiving Additional Information Regarding an Open Assessment 681(b)
    1158 Additional Allegations Received by Central Intake  
    1164 Intake of Special Investigation Reports 1154
  CPS Family Assessments 1170 Transfer of Referral from Central Intake Staff to District Office Supervisor 681
    1171 Required Time for Commencing an Assessment 681(a)
    1172 Planning the Assessment 682
    1173 Engaging Families During an Assessment  
    1174 Reporting Abuse and Neglect to Law Enforcement 690(b)
    1175 Reporting Abuse and Neglect Involving School Personnel to Department of Education 690(c)
    1180 Services and Treatment for Disabled Infants 690(d)
    1181 Children Left at Hospitals or Safe Havens 690(f)
    1184 Enhanced Assessment Practice  
    1185 Allegations of Abuse and Neglect in Residential Treatment Programs  
    1186 Investigating Allegations of Abuse/Neglect in Foster Homes 690(e)
    1190 Contact with Reporter 682(a)
    1192 Safety Assessment 682(b)
    1195 Medical Services  682(c)
    1198 Assessments for Low and Moderate Risk Families  
    1200 Videotaping or Audio Taping Interviews in Public Places 683(a)
    1201 Interviewing Alleged Victims 683(b)
    1202 Interviewing Siblings and Non-Offending Parents/Caregivers 683(c)
    1205 Collateral Contacts 683(d)
    1208 Risk Assessment 684
    1209 Voluntary Services  
    1210 Interventions for Children and Families 685
    1211 Non-Court Cases (b-case) 687(b)
    1212 Added Allegations and New Reports During Assessments 691
    1213 Final Determinations and Closing of the Assessment 688
    1214 Sending a Notice of Finding 689
    1215 Administrative Appeals  
    1217 Transition of Assessment to Family Services Case 693
  CPS Family Services 1235 Case Contact Policy  
    1240 Managing Cases with Substance Use  
    1255 Subsequent Reports During a Family Services Case 699
    1261 Family Services Documentation and Case Records 709
    1262 Closing In-Home Cases 1260
    1263 Case Closure When the Concurrent Goal is Achieved  
  Central Registry 1265 Submitting a Founded Referral for Entry on the Central Registry 690(g)
    1266 Entering a Person Responsible for Child Abuse and/or Neglect on the Central Registry  
    1268 Expungements from the Central Registry  
    1269 Central Registry Records Management  
  Working with Families in Court 1275 Considering Court Actions 686
    1276 Intervening Through Court Actions 686(a)
    1277 Court Hearings 686(b)
    1278 Dispositional Hearing 698
    1281 Custody Awards 686(c)
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4 - Juvenile Justice Field Services 1325-1499  
  Case Initiation 1325 CHINS Intake 636
  Youth Supervision 1340 Drug and Alcohol Testing FS-602
    1341 Conditional Release Supervision FS-603
    1342 Conditional Release Violations  
    1343 Internet Intelligence Monitoring FS-605
    1344 Photographing Delinquent Minors and CHINS FS-607
    1345 Parole Supervision FS-610
    1346 Search and Seizure FS-612
    1347 Restitution FS-614
    1348 Committed Delinquents: Escapees and Absconders FS-317
    1359 Extended Hours  
  Field Equipment 1360 Ballistic Vests  
  Authority Limitations 1376 Arrest and Custodial Authority FS-326
    1377 Handcuffing and Other Mechanical Restraints FS-327
    1378 Use of Oleoresin Capsicum Spray FS-328
    1379 Use of Force FS-325
  Case Management 1392 Detention Assessment  
    1395 Voluntary Services for CHINS 784
    1398 Intrastate Transfer of Juvenile Justice Cases FS-552
  Investigations 1400 Pre-Dispositional Investigation Reports FS-649
    1401 Pre-Disposition Investigation FS-650
    1403 Recommendations for Non-Resident Youth FS-779
    1410 Risk Assessment for Youth  
  Record Keeping 1450 Case Files FS-251
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5 - Case Management Standards for CP and JJ Field Services 1500-1599  
  Engaging Families 1501 Family Engagement During a Case 701/ FS -701
    1503 Maintaining Connections  
    1508 Safety Planning  
    1510 Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA) Compliance 704
    1515 Identification and Notification of Relatives 697
  Case Management 1549 Prevention Plans  
    1550 Case Plans 714
    1551 Prevention and Case Planning Process 696/FS 696
    1554 Response to Human Trafficking  
    1555 Joint Case Planning and Case Management 712
    1558 Missing Child/Youth  
    1565 Reunification 735
  Legal Processes 1570 Permanency Hearing  
    1575 Periodic Court Reviews  
  Case Transfers and Interstate Compact 1584 ICPC When NH is the Receiving State (Non-Residential) 734(a)
    1585 ICPC When NH is the Sending State (Non-Residential) 734(b)
    1590 Placement in Certified Out-of-State Residential Treatment Programs 730(a)
    1591 ICJ General Provisions, Victim Notification, and Forms FS-551
    1592 ICJ Travel Permits  
    1593 ICJ Supervision Transfer From New Hampshire  
    1594 ICJ Supervision Transfer To New Hampshire  
    1595 ICJ Youth Absconder and Reporting Non-Compliance, Failed Supervision and Retaking  
    1596 ICJ Case Closure  
    1597 ICJ Other Provisions  
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6 - Out-of-Home Placements 1600-1699  
  Finding a Placement 1600 Placement Considerations 729/FS-729
    1603 Adolescent Foster Homes 730(c)
    1604 Individual Service Options 730(b)
    1605 Therapeutic Foster Care 730(e)
    1610 Massachusetts Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI) 755
    1615 Placement  
  Permanency 1625 Permanency Planning 703/FS-703
    1626 Permanency Planning Teams  
  Transitions 1642 Review of Unplanned Transfers 733(a)
  Well-Being 1650 Diary Requirements for Children and Youth in Foster Care 732
    1651 Health Care Planning for Children in Placement 742
    1652 HIV-1/AIDS and Children in Care 742(a)
    1653 Use of Psychotropic Medicines for Children and Youth in Out-of-Home Placements  
  Educational Stability 1666 Educational Planning for Children/Youth in Placement 737(a)
    1667 Educational Requirements for Children or Youth with Disabilities  
    1668 Educational Surrogate Parents 737(b)
  Financial Supports 1676 Social Security Benefits for Children in Placement 743
    1678 Revolving Fund 744(a)
  Supporting Adolescents 1690 Adolescent Program  
    1695 Preparing Youth for Adulthood 1685
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7 - Foster Care Providers 1700-1774  
  Recruitment  1700 Foster Home License Inquiries 746(a)
    1701 Recruitment and Retention Plan 746(b)
    1702 Provisional Interim Care (PIC) Homes 747
    1711 Reasonable Modifications for Foster Care and Adoption Programs  
  Licensing 1715 Application Process 748(b)
    1716 Foster and Adoptive Family Assessment and Home Study  748(c)
    1717 Criminal Convictions - Request for Waiver 748(i)
    1718 Denial of Application 748(g)
    1719 Initial Licenses 749(a)
    1720 License Renewal 748(e)
    1721 Specialized Licenses 749(b)
    1722 Changes in Licensing Status 749(c)
    1730 Foster Home Capacity 748(a)
    1731 Orders to Comply 748(f)
    1732 Revocation of License 748(h)
    1733 License Closures 749(d)
    1740 Foster Home Record Maintenance 748(d)
  Foster Parent Training 1750 Pre-Licensing Training 750(a)
    1751 In-Service Training 750(b)
    1752 Foster Parent Insurance Coverage 751(a)
    1753 Foster Parent Training-Related Child Care 751(b)
    1754 Foster Parent Identification Cards 751(c)
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8 - Adoption & Post-Adoption Supports 1775-1849  
  Recruitment 1790 Adoptive Histories 720
  Adoptions 1800 Voluntarily Mediated Agreements in Adoptions 721
    1801 Child Matching Process for Adoption & Permanent Placement of Children  723
    1802 Adoption Assistance Program 724
    1803 Extended Adoption Assistance Program  
  Post-Adoption Practice 1825 Post-Adoption Services Policy 726
    1827 Adoption Records 625
    1828 Contact Between Adopted Persons and Birth Families  727
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9 - Services for Children, Youth and Families 1850-1949  
  Provider Status 1850 Enrollment of Providers 70(a)
  Direct and Purchased Services 1870 Direct Resource Assistance 71
    1871 Emergency Assistance Services  71(a)
    1872 Guardian Ad Litem Services 72(a)
    1873 Legal Counsel Services  72(b)
    1874 Dental Services  73(a)
    1875 Medical Services  73(b)
  Community-Based Services 1900 Transportation Services 74(a)
    1901 Adoptive History Report Services 74(b)
    1902 Child Care Licensed Services 74(c)
    1903 Child Care License-Exempt Services 74(d)
    1904 Child Health Support Service 74(e)
    1906 In-Home Individual Service Options 74(g)
    1907 Home-Based Therapeutic Services  74(h)
    1908 Intensive Home and Community Services  74(i)
    1909 Communication Access Services 74(j)
    1910 Family Support Services 74(k)
    1911 Outreach and Tracking Services 74(l)
    1912 Respite Care 74(n)
    1917 Substance Use Disorder Outpatient Counseling Services 75(a)
    1919 Diagnostic Evaluation Services 75(c)
    1920 Outpatient Counseling Services 75(d)
  Title XX 1930 Family Resource and Support Services 82(c)
    1931 Medical Examinations 82(d)
    1932 Medical/Psychological Evaluations 82(e)
  Title IV-B 1940 Initial Clothing Allotment 84(b)
    1941 Foster Family Fire and Safety 84(j)
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10 - Adolescent Services 1950-2024  
  Fostering Independence 1950 Adventure Training 80(a)
    1952 Miscellaneous Independent Living 80(c)
    1953 Skills Training 80(d)
    1954 Stipend 80(e)
    1957 Transportation for Independent Living 80(g)
  Supporting Transitions 1960 Bill of Rights for Youth in Care  
    1966 Credit Report Assistance for Youth in Care 104
    1969 (NYTD) Independent Living Services Provided 101
    1972 90-Day Youth Transition Meeting 81
    1973 (NYTD) Outcome Survey 100
    1975 Advanced Directives, POA, and Living Will 102
    1977 HOPE Program – Voluntary Extended Foster Care  
  Aftercare Services 1980 DCYF Teen Independent Living Aftercare Program 745(a)
    1985 Extended Care Services (for young adults) 103
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11 - Sununu Youth Services Center 2025-2499  
  Admission and Orientation 2025 Resident's Property (Committed) SRS-1911
    2026 Resident's Property (Detention) SRS-1912
    2027 Residential Orientation SRS-1913
    2028 Admission Procedure SRS-1914
    2029 Return of Committed Youth to SYSC SRS-1915
  Safety and Security 2050 Main Lobby and Reception SRS-1201
    2051 Supervisor Documentation SRS-1202
    2052 Juvenile Supervision, Movement, and Counts SRS-1203
    2053 Emergency Response SRS-1204
    2054 Suicide Prevention SRS-1472
    2055 Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment SRS-1475
    2056 Staff Entrance Into and Exit from SYSC SRS-1205
    2058 Searches SRS-1208
    2059 Fire Safety Procedures for SYSC – PROTECTED SRS-1215
    2060 Daily Census SRS-1216
    2061 Operations and Central Control SRS-1450
    2062 Hand-Held Communication System SRS-1454
    2063 Hospital Security SRS-1456
    2064 Security Manual SRS-1457
    2065 Incident Tracking and Review SRS-1458
    2066 SYSC Safety and Security Inspections SRS-1459
    2067 Intercom Use SRS-1460
    2068 Escape and Abscond SRS-1461
    2069 Facility Access SRS-1462
    2070 SYSC Visitors and the Visitation Routine SRS-1463
    2071 SYSC Staffing Plan and Master Schedule SRS-1464
    2073 Visitation SRS-1466
    2075 Residential Unit Communication & Documentation SRS-1471
    2076 Staff Property within the Secure SYSC SRS-1473
    2077 Tool Control SRS-1474
    2080 De-Escalation Interventions 2072
    2083 Restrictive Intervention  
  Resident Rights & Privileges 2090 Basic Rights for Committed and Detained Youth SRS-1650
    2100 Addressing Rules Violations SRS-1600
    2105 Ombudsman Program SRS-1651
    2110 Well-Being at SYSC  
    2115 Telephone and Mail Privileges SRS-2250
    2120 Resident Appearance SRS-1601
  Clinical and Classification 2130 Treatment Planning SRS-2000
    2131 Proactive Safety Planning  
    2132 SYSC Programming SRS-2001
    2140 Classification of Committed Youth SRS-2003
    2150 Court Reports SRS-2005
    2162 Behavior Management SRS-2007
    2170 Crisis Services Unit SRS-1210
    2180 Medical/Clinical Response to PREA  
  Religious Programs 2185 Religious Program SRS-2200
  Academic Vocation and Work 2200 Educational Services SRS-2050
    2201 Educational Records SRS-2051
    2202 Philosophy of Educational Services SRS-2052
    2204 Qualification of Educational Faculty SRS-2054
    2205 Self-Monitoring School Record Review of Special Ed Students SRS-2055
    2206 Student Non-Discrimination Grievance Procedure SRS-2056
    2207 Suspension SRS-2057
    2225 SYSC Education Department Computers  
  Healthcare 2250 Health Services Quality Assurance SRS-1850
    2251 Universal Precautions SRS-1851
    2252 Medical Emergencies SRS-1852
    2253 Emergency Medical Response Action Plan for AED/CPR Use SRS-1853
    2254 First Aid Box Contents Check Off List SRS-1854
    2255 Health Care Services SRS-1855
    2256 Intoxication and Withdrawal SRS-1856
    2257 Containment of Infectious/Communicable Diseases SRS-1857
    2258 Dental Services SRS-1858
    2259 Sick Status SRS-1859
    2260 Physician's Orders SRS-1860
    2261 Exposure Control Plan SRS-1861
    2262 Blood-Borne Pathogens Prevention for Employees SRS-1862
    2263 Special Health Care SRS-1863
    2264 Sick Call SRS-1864
    2265 Physician Medical Services And Psychiatric Services SRS-1865
    2266 Medical Memoranda SRS-1866
    2267 Transporting Residents to the Emergency Room SRS-1867
    2268 HIV Infection and AIDS SRS-1868
    2269 Infirmary Use SRS-1869
    2270 Medical Consultation SRS-1870
    2271 Medication Errors SRS-1871
    2272 General Techniques & Recommendations for Isolation Precautions SRS-1872
    2273 Medication Administration SRS-1873
    2274 Pharmaceuticals- Storage and Procurement SRS-1874
    2275 PPD Testing for Residents SRS-1875
    2276 Activity Restriction SRS-1876
    2277 Hunger Strikes SRS-1877
    2278 Lab Protocols for Select Medications SRS-1878
    2279 Nursing Services at Admission SRS-1879
    2280 Medical Isolation of Residents SRS-1880
    2281 Medical Appointments in the Community SRS-1882
    2283 Immunization SRS-1884
    2284 Resident Participation in Research and Drug Testing SRS-1885
    2286 Post Exposure Evaluation and Follow-Up SRS-1887
    2287 Off-Campus Trips and Out-of-Building Activities SRS-1888
    2288 Haircutting and Disinfecting Hair Cutting Instruments SRS-1889
    2289 Infection Control Program SRS-1890
    2290 Special Diets SRS-1891
    2291 Visitor Injury SRS-1892
    2292 Regulated Medical Waste SRS-1893
    2293 Nursing Orientation SRS-1894
    2294 Medication Administration Record SRS-1895
    2295 Medical Supplies(Preparation for Daily Procedures/Treatments) SRS-1896
    2296 Informed Consent and Refusal of Treatment SRS-1897
    2297 Medical Records SRS-1898
    2298 Release of Information SRS-1899
    2299 Furlough Medications SRS-1900
    2300 Resident Discharge SRS-1901
  Recreational Activities 2315 Water Safety SRS-2058
    2317 Library Services SRS-2059
    2319 Daily Living Activities SRS-2150
    2320 Recreational Activities SRS-2151
    2325 Community Services SRS-2152
    2330 Resident Jobs and Allowances SRS-2153
  Release 2340 Youth Trust Status SRS-2300
    2352 Juvenile Parole Hearing 2350
    2355 Juvenile Parole Revocation - SYSC  
  Documentation and  Records 2365 Resident Records SRS-1000
    2370 SYSC Laptop Usage in Open Areas SRS-2405
    2375 Data Collection and Review for PREA  
  Food Services 2380 Resident Conduct in the Dining Hall SRS-1750
    2381 Dining Hall Schedule SRS-1751
    2382 Dining Hall Procedures SRS-1752
    2383 Food Services SRS-1753
    2384 Food Services Outside Normal Hours SRS-1754
    2388 Resident Assistance in Kitchen and Dining Hall SRS-1755
    2390 Food Service for Staff SRS-1756
  Sanitation and Hygiene 2400 Resident Clothing and Shoes SRS-1800
    2401 Resident Linen SRS-1801
    2403 Youth Hygiene SRS-1802
    2405 Housekeeping for Residential Units – Youth Responsibilities SRS-1803
    2406 Housekeeping and Sanitation SRS-1804
    2410 Linen SRS-1805
  Physical Plants & the Environment 2415 Inspections SRS-1151
    2417 Donations to SYSC  
    2418 Scope of Maintenance and Facility Services SRS-1152
    2420 Maintenance Work Orders SRS-1153
    2430 Facility Construction SRS-1155
    2435 Food and Beverage within the Secure Perimeter of SYSC SRS-1156
    2445 SYSC Building Alarms  
  Fiscal Management 2450 Procurement (non-maintenance) SRS-850
    2451 Money and Accounts SRS-851
    2453 Transfer/Disposal of Equipment SRS-854
    2455 Warehouse Access SRS-855
    2457 Procurement (maintenance) SRS-857
    2465 Claims for School Meals Program SRS-862
  Personnel 2475 Abuse or Neglect of Committed or Detained Youth SRS-900
    2476 PREA Standards – Hiring, Promoting, Corrective and Disciplinary Actions for SYSC Personnel and Contractors; Volunteers  
    2480 Professional Appearance SRS-902
    2482 Reimbursement of Damaged Clothing - Youth Counselors  
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12 - Prevention and Community Education 2500-2599  
  Engaging the Community 2580 Referral for Restorative Conference  
    2581 Restorative Conferences  
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13 - Provider Management 2600-2649  
  Certification 2600 Residential Treatment Programs 853
    2602 Certification of Community-Based Service Providers 854
  Monitoring 2626 Monitoring Service Providers 862
    2627 Monitoring of Home Based Therapeutic Service Providers 863
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14 - Fiscal Management 2650-2749  
  Child, Youth, and Family Eligibility Determinations  2650 Eligibility for Child Welfare Services 84
    2651 Eligibility Files 627
    2652 Title IV-E Claiming 92
  Payments 2671 Authorizations and Payments During Hospital Stays and Runaways 91
    2672 Foster Family Home Payments 740
  Rates 2700 Rates for Purchased DCYF Services 88
    2701 Foster Care Rates 738
    2702 Out-of-State Foster Care Rates 738(a)
  Reimbursement 2740 Reimbursement for Services and Placements 90
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15 - General Administrative Operations 2750-2799  
  Jurisdictions 2751 SYSC Administration SRS-804
    2753 District Office Catchment Areas - CPS 2
    2754 District Office Catchment Areas - JJS  
  Information  2760 Complaints Protocol 22
    2761 Public Information C-09
    2770 Restricted Information 43
  Policy/Rule Maintenance 2780 Official Documents of the Division 58
    2782 DCYF Manuals  
    2797 Rule Development Process 68
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16 - Quality Assurance 2800-2899  
  Records and Data 2800 Data Management 865
  Practice Reviews 2850 Quality Assurance Specific Case Review 12
    2855 Rapid Safety Feedback  
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17 - Workforce Development 2900-2999  
  Staff Training 2901 Staff Development 46
  Volunteers and Interns 2915 Citizen and Volunteer Involvement C-014
    2916 Candidates for Internships with DCYF 42
    2917 Managing DCYF Internships  
  Mentoring 2940 Guidelines for Mentoring 46(a)
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