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Resources for Grandparents Caring for Grandchildren

Grandparents caring for grandchildrenNew Hampshire has programs that can help grandparents who care for their grandchildren.

Grandparents can get cash assistance through either:

  • Family Assistance Program (FAP); or
  • Foster Care Stipend.

Family Assistance Program

The Family Assistance Program (FAP) assists needy children who are being cared for by relatives other than parents such as grandparents. The FAP program can provide cash assistance as well as Medicaid. If you are taking care of a relatives’ child, your income does not count towards eligibility for FAP. Only the income of the children, such as child support, would be used in determining eligibility for FAP.

How do I apply for FAP?

It’s easy to apply! You can apply by:

  • Going to, and completing an application online;
  • You can print out an application from Then just complete it and mail it in to us; or
  • You can contact your local DHHS District Office to apply.

How much will my cash grant be?

The amount of FAP cash assistance you get will depend on the number of FAP children in your household and how much income the FAP children get. The grant will be the relevant payment standard minus any income the FAP children get.

Number of FAP Children in Household Monthly Payment Standard
1 $607
2 $823
3 $1,039
4 $1,255

Will I have to file a child support application?

Yes, to get FAP you must file a child support application for all parents not in the household and assign your rights to child support to the state. Assignment means the state will pursue a court order for support and retain any child support collected. If the amount of child support being paid exceeds your FAP grant amount, FAP will close and the child support will be paid to you.

If you have good cause reasons for not cooperating in identifying and locating the parents obligated to provide child support, such as family/domestic violence, or a child support application would cause physical or emotional harm to your family, DHHS will waive the requirement that you will apply for child support. Your worker will talk to you about this and explain good cause reasons for non-cooperation with the child support requirements.

Are there any work requirements for FAP?

No. FAP does not have any work requirements.

Foster Care WordleFoster Care Program

Grandparents as Foster Parents

Grandparents caring for grandchildren at the request of the state may be eligible to get a foster care stipend (cash) and other supports through the Division for Children Youth and Families like child care assistance if you are working or going to school.

Who is eligible?

When a grandparent or other relative is identified as a suitable caretaker for a child in state custody, he or she can become licensed by DCYF to provide foster care for the child. While this is not a requirement, it is strongly advised that they become a licensed relative foster home as they may get extra cash assistance and supports.

What are the benefits?

Grandparents licensed as foster parents will be eligible to get a foster care stipend (cash) and other benefits offered to foster parents through DCYF. Working grandparents may be eligible for child care. Children can get services they need, such as counseling or health care. And the child’s parents can get services to help them reunify with their children.

How do I apply to become a foster parent?

Please contact the DCYF Foster Care Unit at (800) 852-3345 and staff will go over the application process. Additional information may be found on the Becoming a Foster Parent page.

How much will my stipend (cash) be?

The stipend (cash) per child will vary based on the child’s age and whether the child needs any specialized care. You will get a stipend for each foster child in your care.

  Daily Rates for NH Foster Care Stipends Stipend in a 30 day month
As of July 1, 2017
Age 0-5 $16.59 $497.70
Age 6-11 $18.00 $540
Age 12-21 $21.41 $642.30
Age 0-5 $21.48 $644.40
Age 6-11 $23.31 $699.30
Age 12-21 $27.74 $832.20
Clothing Allowance $1.11 $33.30

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