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New Hampshire Employment Program participants, Employment Counselor Specialists and employers were asked to comment on their experiences in working with the New Hampshire Employment Program (NHEP).

Experiences of NHEP Participants

"Three years ago, I was in a homeless shelter. Today I've been working at my job for over a year and I love it. I think that is pretty good. NHEP has helped me tremendously. While I was in school, my NHEP counselor helped me with some difficult issues and arranged for me to get family counseling to help me in dealing with my son's issues. My NHEP Counselor has been very supportive and has been there to help me through hard times. Even though I am off TANF and working for the last year, I called my counselor the other day to find out about help with housing. My goal is to buy a home nearby and to go back to school, maybe for a degree in business management."

"I had a car accident and I wasn't physically able to do my job any more, and had to go on TANF. The NHEP Counselor went above and beyond to help me get my life back together again after that traumatic experience. After the accident, I was stuck and was not able to move forward. It was my NHEP Counselor who encouraged and supported me to make positive changes in my life and helped me get my job. This is the first job I ever had that I actually enjoy."

Experiences of NHEP Employment Counselor Specialists

"It is amazing what our NHEP participants can accomplish and overcome. Some people have had such hard lives and bad situations and with a bit of help and encouragement, they succeed."

Helping people celebrate the small steps, that is where it starts. For example, not missing one day of their class in a week or getting their child off to school each day on time. When they start to manage the small steps, they are more willing to take the bigger steps, the bigger risks.

Experiences of Employers

"The OJT Program is a wonderful benefit to employers…The applicant who was referred has exceeded our expectations. He has perfect attendance and a wonderful attitude; he is very much an asset to our program. I hope to work more with the OJT Program down the road!"

"The employees we have acquired have been great assets to our company. We recommend this option to any employer that is looking for a simple way to gain great employees within the State of New Hampshire."

Employers can help NHEP participants who are just getting back on their feet by providing work opportunities where there is flexibility. People need to be treated with respect and we need to understand what it is they are accomplishing by showing up for work each day and allowing them to be tax-paying citizens.

Employers interested in working with New Hampshire Employment Program participants should contact:

Business and Industry Coordinator
Telephone: (603) 271-9320

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