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The federal Nuclear Regulatory Commission has arranged for each individual who lives or works in the 10-mile radius area surrounding the Seabrook Station to receive one 130-mg dose of potassium iodide (KI) to use in the event of a radiological emergency. The 10-mile radius area is called an Emergency Planning Zone (EPZ). The KI tablets will be distributed by the DHHS Division of Public Health Services' (DPHS) Radiological Health Section.

Potassium Iodide ProgramA multi-agency workgroup has developed extensive plans to distribute KI and educate the public about its protective limitations. Many people misunderstand what KI tablets can and cannot do.

  • KI is NOT an anti-radiation pill. It protects only the thyroid gland in a person's throat from only one form of radiation identified as iodine-131. Individuals are still susceptible to possible exposure to other forms of radiation.
  • KI is NOT a substitute for evacuation. Evacuation remains the most effective mitigating action in a radiological emergency.
  • KI should only be taken when directed to do so by emergency officials

KI is generally safe, however, it can cause health problems for individuals with existing thyroid conditions or allergies to iodine or shellfish. Anyone considering use of KI should consult his or her health care provider.

The communities within the Seabrook EPZ are listed below:

Seabrook Station  
East Kingston
Hampton Falls
North Hampton
South Hampton

DPHS will make KI pills available to people who live or work in the EPZ until the NH supply is distributed or the five year shelf life is reached.

To receive KI, a person must fill out and submit a simple application form Adobe Acrobat Reader Symbol. The form is available from this web page, as well as in the yearly Seabrook Station calendar distributed to all residents within the EPZ.

Also, see the Distribution Guidelines Adobe Acrobat Reader Symbol for Individuals and Institutions Requesting Potassium Iodide (KI).

KI tablets can be purchased without a prescription at some local pharmacies as well as from the following companies:

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