SR 17-12 Dated 07/17

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The Child Care Scholarship *program establishes the eligibility criteria for 12 month employment related Child Care Scholarship which enables eligible parents to work, look for work, or participate in education or training preparatory to work, or who are in an approved NHEP *activity and supports healthy child development for families who meet and continue to meet program requirements. This scholarship program is administered by the Child Development Bureau, Division for Children, Youth and Families.


The Child Care Scholarship program has two-tiered eligibility. Tier 1 is for initial eligibility and Tier 2 is for Graduated Phase Out (GPO), a one 12 month period of time after which Child Care Scholarship will end. GPO allows families time to transition toward financial independence and self-sufficiency.


Families who require Child Care Scholarship and who are either receiving financial assistance from DHHS under the Financial Assistance to Needy Families (FANF) program or whose income is at or below 220% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines (FPG) will enter the NH Child Care Scholarship program in Tier 1. Initial eligibility can only be determined in Tier 1.


An exit threshold known as Graduated Phase Out (GPO), Tier 2, applies to families at redetermination when income is greater than 220% but less than or equal to 250% of FPG.


The scholarship payments shall be contingent upon the availability of sufficient funds.


Throughout this policy, the term "Parent(s)" includes anyone who has a birth, adoptive, or step-parent relationship to the child(ren) or is the child's specified relative, a caretaker relative or legal guardian and their spouse.


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