245.05 ABAWD Work Requirements (FSM)

SR 23-26 Dated 06/23

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Unless exempt, ABAWDs must meet certain work requirements. To receive SNAP benefits, non-exempt ABAWDs must:

work—work can be for pay (employment or self-employment), for goods or services (like trading work for rent payment, also referred to as in-kind services), or as a volunteer; or

be in an approved work program.

The ABAWD must be participating in one or more of these activities for at least 80 hours per month.

ABAWDs cannot receive more than 3 full months of SNAP benefits in a 36-month period while not meeting ABAWD work requirements.


Work (Paid or Unpaid) for at Least 80 Hours per Month

An ABAWD may meet ABAWD work requirements by working at least 80 hours per month. Unpaid (volunteer) work and work for in-kind services are counted toward the hourly work requirement; ABAWDs participating in unpaid or in-kind work, as well as ABAWDs who are self-employed, must document the actual hours worked per week in order to meet the work requirement.

Different types of work can be combined to meet a total of at least 80 hours for the month.


If an ABAWD works 10 hours for room and board (work for in-kind services) in week 1; 0 hours in week 2; 40 hours of paid employment in week 3; and 30 hours of unpaid work (volunteering) in week 4, the minimum monthly requirement of 80 hours is met.


Participate in an Approved Work Program for at Least 80 Hours per Month

An ABAWD can meet the ABAWD work requirement by participating in an approved work program. These include:

·         A program under title 1 of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA

·         A program under section 236 of the Trade Act of 1974

·         An employment and training program operated or supervised by a State of political subdivision of a State agency that meets standards approved by the Chief Executive Office, including a SNAP E&T program. SNAP E&T job search or job search training components are not qualifying activities for ABAWDs. However, job search or job search training activities, when offered as part of other E&T components, are acceptable as long as those activities comprise less than half of the total required time spent in the components.

·         A program of employment and training for veterans operated by the Department of Labor or the Department of Veterans Affairs

·         A workforce partnership as defined in 7 CFR 273.7(n)


ABAWDs must participate in one or more of these activities for at least 80 hours per month. See PART 823, GOOD CAUSE FOR FAILURE TO PARTICIPATE, for policy on good cause reasons for failing to meet ABAWD work requirements.


References: 7 CFR 273.24; 7 USC 2015(o)(2)