305.15 Qualified Aliens Eligible After Meeting Certain Criteria (FSM)

SR 03-27 Dated 10/03

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If not eligible on an unrestricted basis per Section 305.13, Qualified Alien Eligible Without Restriction, then the qualified alien must meet the criteria of one of the categories below to be eligible for Food Stamp benefits:

• lawfully residing in the U.S. and on active duty (other than training) in the U.S. army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, or Coast Guard (but not full-time National Guard) or an honorably discharged veteran. This category includes the aliens spouse or unremarried surviving spouse (if the individual is deceased), unmarried dependent children or disabled adult children who became disabled prior to their 18th birthday and continue to reside with, and be dependent upon, their parents, and Philippine nationals who served in the Philippine Commonwealth Army during WWII or as Philippine Scouts following WWII;

• born on or before August 22, 1931 and lawfully residing in the United States on August 22, 1996;

• under 18 years of age;

• blind or disabled and receiving payments or assistance for their condition. See FSM 229.03, Definition of Disabled;

• lawfully admitted permanent resident (LPR) who can be credited with at least 40 qualifying quarters of SSA covered work history (see Section 305.19, Crediting SSA Work Quarters); or

• has lived in the United States for five years from the individuals date of entry with the status of qualified alien.

If the qualified alien does not meet one of the criteria specified above, the alien is not eligible for Food Stamp benefits.


References: 7 CFR 273.4(a)(6)(ii) & (iii)