305.16 General Guide to Alien Eligibility Status in the Food Stamp Program (FSM)

SR 03-27 Dated 10/03

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The chart below summarizes eligibility status and is to be used as a general guide only. The chart below does not replace policy stated in the whole of PART 305, Citizenship.

The non-citizen is eligible for Food Stamp benefits,



…the individual meets:

• the definition of qualified alien; and

• all other Food Stamp eligibility requirements…

…the qualified alien falls under the parameters of one of the categories below:

• a lawfully admitted permanent resident (LPR) with 40 qualifying quarters;

• an elderly individual born on or before 8/22/31;

• under 18 years of age*;

• blind or disabled;

• involved in active military service or is a veteran (including spouses and children);

• a refugee;

• an asylee;

• an individual whose deportation has been withheld;

• a Cuban or Haitian entrant;

• an Amerasian immigrant; or

• has lived in the U.S. for 5 years from their date of entry with the status of qualified alien. *


References: 7 CFR 273.4