SR 22-36 Dated 12/22

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Lump sum payments that are nonrecurring include:

• awards, lotteries, gambling winnings, prizes, windfalls;

• conversion of resources to cash;

• corrective payments;

• inheritances;

• insurance claims;

• retirement benefits;

• retroactive benefits or payments, including lump sum back child support payments;

• sale of property;

• settlement of personal injury or property claims;

• third-party lump sum medical payments. If payments for medical expenses were previously paid by Medicaid, send all details regarding lump sum medical payments to Third Party Liability (TPL), Medicaid Administration Bureau (MAB) at State Office. TPL will determine the dollar amount the individual must reimburse to the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS);

• rebates or credits; and

• refunds of security deposits on rental property or utilities.

Treatment: Countable Resource in the month received, unless specifically excluded from consideration as a resource by other federal statute.

Exception: VA payments to children (including adult children) of Vietnam veterans are excluded per 38 USC 1833(c).

Exception: Earned Income Tax Credit payments are excluded as a resource for 12 months from receipt.


References: RSA 161:2, XIII; RSA 161:4-a, IV; RSA 167:4, I(a); RSA 167:7, IV; 7 CFR 273.8(c)(1); 7 CFR 273.9(c)(8); 38 USC 1833(c); 26 USC 6409