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Job Opportunities

Current positions within this agency and other State of New Hampshire agencies are available by accessing the New Hampshire State Jobs portal.

How to Apply

For each position in which you are interested, read the job announcement carefully. Each announcement contains the following important information:

  1. A Supplemental Job Description that identifies the specific scope of work, duties and accountabilities;
  2. The minimum qualifications required for a particular position. The qualifications may be the same as those stated in the Class Specification to which a position is allocated. Class Specifications are generic in nature; specialized qualifications may be required. In such instances, applicants must be able to meet both sets of qualifications;
  3. Any special requirements, such as the need for a particular license, certification, or the need to pass a certain examination;
  4. The class title and salary range;
  5. The duration of the position - temporary, permanent, part-time, full-time;
  6. The position number, location and closing date for accepting applications;
  7. Where to obtain and submit applications; and
  8. The name and telephone number of an agency contact representative.

Job Application

All State of New Hampshire positions, unless otherwise instructed, require a State of NH Application for Employment . Please submit your completed application, along with any other required documentation, to the location identified in the job announcement by the specified closing date. Read the Keys to Completing an Application Adobe Acrobat Reader Symbol.

Realistic Job Preview Video

Previewing the Realistic Job Preview is required for the Adult Protective Service Worker (APSW) Adobe Flash Symbol, Child Protective Service Worker (CPSW) Adobe Flash Symbol , Family Services Specialist (FSS) Adobe Flash Symbol, Mental Health Service Worker Adobe Flash Symbol, and Youth Counselor Adobe Flash Symbol positions in order to proceed with the hiring process. After viewing please fill out the required Disclosure Statement Adobe Acrobat Reader Symbol to submit with your application.

Supplemental Forms

It is the policy of the Department of Health & Human Services to make any offer of employment in the Department conditional upon the completion of a Criminal Records check, a Central Registry check, and a BEAS State Registry check on each applicant selected.

Job Classifications, Descriptions & Salary

If you wish to learn more about the Class Specification for the position in which you are interested in applying for, more information is available in the Class Specification Index. The Class Specification identifies the official title, basic purpose, characteristic duties, distinguishing factors and minimum qualifications of a specific position class.

Collective Bargaining Agreement

The Collective Bargaining Agreement between the State of NH and the State Employees' Association of NH (Service Employees International Union, Local 1984) applies to all classified full-time positions.

Job Certification

Human Resources reviews all employment applications and certifies in writing if the applicant meets the minimum educational and experience requirements. The review takes into account the relevancy of an applicant's stated education, the relevancy of an applicant's stated work experience and any requirements for the equivalent substitution of education and experience. When an applicant meets the minimum requirements, the application is considered certified and is forwarded to the Hiring Manager, or the Examinations Unit when a written examination is required. When an applicant does not meet the minimum requirements, the application is not certified and an applicant will be notified in writing of non-certification.

Adobe Acrobat Reader Symbol Adobe Flash format. You can download a free player from Adobe.

Adobe Acrobat Reader Symbol Adobe Acrobat Reader format. You can download a free reader from Adobe.

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