Date: September 07, 2022
Close Date: September 09, 2022


Melissa Hatfield, Administrator, Bureau of Housing Supports

NH-500 Continuum of Care SNOFO Projects Accepted & Rejected

NH-500 Approved Final Consolidated Application for Special NOFO

The NH BoSCoC Ranking Committee met to review, score and rank the submitted FY2022 CoC Program Supplemental project applications. The NH Balance of State Continuum of Care (NH BoSCoC) FY2022 NH-500 SNOFO Project Ranking List represents project that will be submitted as part of NH BoSCoC FY2022 CoC Program Consolidated Application. 

The above document includes a list of accepted projects to be submitted to HUD and it includes the: 

  • applicant name, 
  • project name, 
  • project score, 
  • project rank, and 
  • project award amount.

Congratulations to the chosen projects! The NH BoSCoC appreciates your participation in this process and looks forward to working with your agency on these projects. As in previous years, final award and final funding levels is dependent on actual Federal funds availability and awards made to the NH BoSCoC applicants.

APPEALS: If you wish to submit an appeal, please notify Melissa Hatfield in writing by September 9, 2022 by 4:30pm at  

  • Per the NH-500 BoSCoC Program Rank & Review Policy

    Grievance procedure:
    If an applicant disagrees with their score, or placement on the ranking list, they may express their grievance in writing to the CoC Program Administrator within one business day of the list being published/distributed. The BoSCoC Executive Committee will hold an emergency conference call to discuss the grievance, and to make a final decision. The applicant will be notified of the Executive Committee’s decision in writing by the CoC Program Administrator within one business day of the meeting. 

Additionally, per the FY 2022 CoC Program Competition Supplemental NOFO, page 36 states the following: 

4. Solo Applicants. Eligible project applicants that attempted to participate in the CoC planning process in the geographic area in which they operate, that believe they were denied the right to participate in a reasonable manner, may submit a solo project application to HUD and may be awarded a grant from HUD by following the procedure found in 24 CFR 578.35. Solo applicants must submit their solo project application in e-snaps to HUD by 8:00 PM EDT, on October 20, 2022. See Section X.C of this NOFO for additional information regarding the Solo Applicant appeal process.

See NOFO, link below for additional details on specific steps.

Additionally, the solo applicant, Collaborative Applicant, and HUD must take the following steps (See 24 CFR 578.35 for more information): 

  1. Written Notice of Intent to Appeal. The solo applicant must submit a written notice of intent to appeal, with a copy to the CoC, with their funding application. 
  2. No later than 30 days after the date that HUD announces the awards, the solo applicant shall submit in writing, with a copy to the Collaborative Applicant, all relevant evidence supporting its claim. The submission shall be emailed to 
  3. The CoC shall have 30 days from the date of its receipt of the solo applicant's evidence to respond to HUD in writing, with a copy to the solo applicant. The submission shall be emailed to 
  4. HUD will notify the solo applicant and the CoC of its decision within 60 days of receipt of the CoC’s response. 
  5. If HUD finds that the solo applicant was not permitted to participate in the Continuum of Care planning process in a reasonable manner, then HUD may award a grant to the solo applicant when funds next become available and may direct the Continuum of Care to take remedial steps to ensure reasonable participation in the future. HUD may also reduce the award to the Continuum's applicant(s).