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The Administrative Unit, formerly known as the Office of Reimbursements, is the financial and technical support for all units under the Bureau of Improvement and Integrity.Financial Support Functions

  • Recovery payment processing for:
    • Parental Reimbursement Unit
      Court-ordered repayment of services for minors as the result of state intervention.
    • Third Party Liability Unit
      Collect payment from other insurance companies (third party payers) who are responsible for covering costs before Medicaid provides assistance.
    • Program Integrity Unit
      Receive funds recovered as a result of overpayment to providers for Medicaid services.
    • Multiple Offender Program (MOP)
      Billing and receipt of payments from clients for offenses committed prior to July 1, 2013, at which time the program was eliminated by Legislature. (See house-finance-divisioniii-OII-021417.pdf)
  • Health Insurance Premium Payment (HIPP) Program
    Process health insurance premium reimbursements to qualified Medicaid members.
  • Mail Order Prescription Co-Pay Reimbursement Program Adobe Acrobat Reader Symbol
    For qualified fee for service Medicaid recipients. NH state law RSA 167:10-a II precludes Medicaid from paying for medical services and medications covered by other medical insurance. However, the Medicaid program is aware that a co-payment may be required upfront utilizing mail order insurance.

Technical Support Functions

  • Federal reporting and inquiries for Special Investigations and Program Integrity Units.
  • Analyze business processes within BII operations in order to identify opportunities for creation and/or enhancement of business systems applications.

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