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How do I find out which Health Plan my doctor works with?

There are four (4) ways to find out which Health Plan your doctor or health care provider works with. You can:

  1. Call the Medicaid Service Center toll free at 1-888-901-4999, and ask which Health Plans your provider accepts OR
  2. Go on-line to, and click on the "Health Plan Provider Directory" button to search providers by name OR
  3. Call your provider and ask them which Health Plan(s) they accept
  4. Call the Health Plan and ask if your providers are in their network

back to topWill I still be able to see my current doctor?

If you want to keep your same doctor, you must pick a Health Plan that your doctor works with.

If your doctor is in one of the Health Plans, you may want to choose that Health Plan. If your doctor works with more than one Health Plan, pick the one with the services and programs you like best

If you have a number of doctors and health care providers in both Health Plans, pick the Health Plan that works with the doctors you most want to keep.

If your doctor does not work with either of the Health Plans, we can help you pick a plan, and then your Health Plan can help you find a new doctor that will give you the care that is right for you.

back to topWhy should I pick a PCP?

A PCP is an important member of your health care team. Your PCP is the health care provider who knows you best. He or she is the doctor you see for regular check-ups or when you are sick. In most cases a PCP is:

  • A Family/General doctor
  • A doctor of Internal Medicine
  • A Pediatrician (children's doctor)
  • An OB/GYN
  • An Advance Practice Registered Nurse (APRN)
  • A Physician Assistant (PA) working under a doctor

Your PCP will make sure that you have the right tests to check for any health problems. He or she will provide care or oversees the care you get, including sending you to other doctors for specialty care.

You may choose the PCP you already use, or choose a different PCP as long as the provider you select works with your Health Plan.

If you do not pick a PCP when you pick your Health Plan, your Health Plan may help you pick one, or may pick one for you. The Health Plan will contact you in the first 30 days after your coverage starts to confirm who you want for your PCP.

back to topHow do I get my PCP's NPI (National Provider Identifier)?

When you pick a PCP, you will need the PCP's National Provider Identifier (NPI) number. You may get this number by:

  • Calling the Medicaid Service Center at 1-888-901-4999 OR
  • Use the on-line search tool at Click the "Health Plan Provider Directory" button and enter your providers name

You can still pick a Health Plan even if you do not pick a PCP or know your PCP's NPI number.

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