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NH Medicaid - Health Coverage for Children Under Age 19
Kids in Pool

NH Medicaid Keeping NH Children Strong and Healthy

We know it is important to you that your children stay strong and healthy. Health coverage is one way to do that. Now, more NH children under the age of 19 might qualify for NH Medicaid coverage. For example, a family of four with a total monthly income at or below $5,763* could qualify for coverage.

There are many good reasons why NH Medicaid coverage can help keep your children healthy.

  • Comprehensive medical and dental coverage
    NH Medicaid provides comprehensive coverage, both medical and dental at no cost to your family. This includes many routine services such as well child check ups and immunizations.
  • Peace of Mind
    Accidents can happen, children get sick, and medical bills can add up fast. NH Medicaid includes coverage for hospitalizations and prescriptions. So, you can have peace of mind knowing you can obtain care for your children when they need it.
  • Strong and Healthy Children
    Children who are healthy are ready to learn, can play sports, and be active. Coverage you can count on for preventive care helps keep children strong and healthy.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have applied for coverage before but my children did not qualify. Why might my children qualify now?
The 2012 changes to the NH Medicaid program means that more NH children under the age of 19 might qualify. For instance, children in a household of 3 whose total income is at or below $57,270* a year may qualify for coverage. Review the federal income guidelines. Adobe Acrobat Reader Symbol

My income is close to the income limit so I don't think my children will be eligible. Before I apply, is there a way I can screen to see if my children might qualify?
If your income is close to the limits, some expenses such as child care might be deducted from your income. Check to see if your children may qualify for health coverage under NH Medicaid.

My child has seen the same doctor for years. How can I find out if my child's doctor or dentist takes NH Medicaid?
Contact Medicaid Client Services (800) 852-3345 extension 4344 or (603) 271-4344 (out of state calls), or visit the "Contact Medicaid Client Services" page.

My child does not currently see one particular doctor. How can I find a doctor that takes NH Medicaid?
Contact Medicaid Client Services (800) 852-4344 extension 4344 or (603) 271-4344 (out of state calls), or visit the "Contact Medicaid Client Services" page.

Coverage can be confusing. How do I know what services are covered by NH Medicaid?
To learn more information about your child's coverage under NH Medicaid view our list of covered services or read the NH Medicaid's Fact Sheet:

Do I have to pay a premium for NH Medicaid coverage?
As of July 1, 2012, NH Medicaid provides medical and dental coverage to those who previously had "Healthy Kids Silver." As a part of the transition of coverage from "Healthy Kids Silver" to NH Medicaid, the Department is offering a premium holiday. This means that for 18 months starting on July 1, 2012, NH Medicaid will not charge a premium from families enrolled in NH Medicaid. Those families with a total monthly income between 186 to 300 percent of the federal poverty level will be notified well in advance when the Department resumes premium collection in 2014.

I have heard about NH Medicaid's new Care Management Program. What does that mean for my family?
The NH Medicaid Care Management program will offer most Medicaid covered NH families choices for coordinating health care. The Department has picked three managed care organizations or MCOs for you to pick from. The MCOs will involve you in decision making about your child's health care, and help you to coordinate the care your child needs when your child needs it. If your child can take part in the NH Medicaid's Care Management program, we will contact you and give you the information to help you decide which plan works best for your family.

*Income limits are based on the federal poverty levels published annually by the federal government.

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