Developmental Services Policies and Guidance Documents

The New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services, Bureau of Developmental Services, develops and maintains policies to describe the requirements for implementing BDS programs and services, ensure compliance with applicable federal/state laws, regulations, requirements, and support the BDS mission and strategic planning goals.

Prior Authorization Training

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Laconia State School Trust Fund

Funds are available only to former residents of Laconia State School (LSS).

Each Area Agency in the State Developments Services system may submit requests on behalf of their clients who were former Laconia State School residents for expenditures on an equitable basis from the Trust Funds.

Former Laconia State School residents not receiving services from an Area Agency may submit requests for expenditures directly to the Department.

Requests may be made only for any of the following purposes: Dental work, $5,000 lifetime cap; Transportation, $200 yearly cap; Clothing, $200/year cap; Home equipment and repair, $1,000/yearly cap; Education, $500 yearly cap; and Adaptive durable medical equipment (including hearing aids), $5,000 lifetime cap.