Asthma Resources for Patients and Caregivers

Information about asthma for patients and caregivers.

Having asthma or caring for someone with asthma can be challenging, but there are many things you can do to help control asthma symptoms and lead a healthy, full life. 

To start, follow the follow these steps for living well with asthma: 

  1. Complete and follow an Asthma Action Plan
  2. Know your Medications.
  3. Know what triggers make your asthma worse and try to avoid them.
  4. Get allergy testing to help identify allergic triggers
  5. Avoid all tobacco smoke.
  6. Get a flu shot.
  7. For Caregivers

If your kids are in school, remember that they need a written Asthma Action Plan on file with the school nurse. This will ensure they get the medication they need, and that everyone knows what to do in case of an emergency. Copies should be given to anyone else involved in child care as well.

You can also take steps to reduce your child’s exposure to environmental triggers that may be worsening their asthma, such as dust, mold, and secondhand smoke. If you live in the greater Manchester area, see if you qualify for home visiting programs that will help you manage your child’s asthma and home environment.