The New Hampshire Cancer Program is dedicated to helping all people reduce their risk of cancer and get the right screening tests at the right time. We work with communities and organizations to help develop effective cancer prevention and control practices. Learn more about each of the services or resources we offer.

Breast and Cervical Cancer

The Breast and Cervical Cancer Program offers eligible participants screening services including mammography, and Pap tests.

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Cancer Data and Reports

The Cancer Data and Reports is a statewide, population-based cancer surveillance program that collects incidence data on all cancer cases diagnosed or treated in the State of New Hampshire.

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Colorectal Cancer Program

The New Hampshire Colorectal Cancer Screening Program seeks to increase colorectal cancer screening for New Hampshire residents through the provision of free screening colonoscopies and promotion of colorectal cancer screening through healthcare partners.

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Cancer Concerns and Investigations

CDC defines a cancer cluster as a greater-than expected number of cancers that occurs within a specific group of people, in geographic area over a defined period of time. Cancer clusters can occur simply by chance, as a result of environmental exposure, as a reflection of better access to healthcare, or may be due to a clustering of lifestyle behaviors.

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NH Cancer Collaboration

The New Hampshire Cancer Collaboration helps insure the implementation of public health programs, policies and objectives to reduce the public and private burden of cancer by improving interventions, diagnosis, care and treatment in the NH population.

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