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State of New Hampshire Reportable Infectious Diseases List


Weekly Aggregate Reporting Form for K-12 Schools and Colleges/Universities

NOTE: While we understand this form is not updated, please continue to use this reporting tool, until a new one is released.

  • As allowed under NH State Statute RSA 141-C, K-12 Schools and Colleges/Universities in NH should report aggregate data regarding COVID-19 cases to NH DHHS. Reporting for the prior week opens each Friday morning by 8am; in order to be included in weekly public report, data must be submitted by no later than 10am on the following Monday.

The NH School Toolkit for Respiratory Illness

The Toolkit for Schools: Prevention and Management of Acute Viral and Bacterial Gastrointestinal Illness

  • School guidance on how to report respiratory and gastrointestinal clusters and outbreaks of illness. The toolkits also contain samples of letters to parents, posters, and links to handouts as well as information about prevention measures to stop ongoing illness.

Guidance for School Administrators to Help Reduce the Spread of Seasonal Influenza in K-12 Schools | CDC

Schools, Businesses & Travelers | CDC

Please reach out to the DPHS COVID-19 / Infectious Diseases School Liaison with further questions or concerns: