Monkeypox Vaccine Information

Information and resources regarding the monkeypox vaccine

The New Hampshire Division of Public Health Services (NH DPHS) is giving the JYNNEOS™ vaccine to certain healthcare clinics across the state. These clinics will vaccinate patients from their local and surrounding communities.

To receive a vaccine, in NH, you must:

  • Live in NH,
  • Work in NH, or
  • Have a primary care healthcare provider in NH.

The NH DPHS recommends the following persons receive the JYNNEOS™ vaccine:

  • Persons who identify as gay, bisexual, queer, or other man who has sex with men (MSM) and believe they are at risk for monkeypox virus infection (including persons in a monogamous relationship who have a sex partner that is at higher risk for monkeypox),
  • A person of any gender or sexual orientation whom a provider thinks is at increased risk for monkeypox virus infection, and
  • Persons who report, in the prior 14 days, a known exposure to another person infected with monkeypox virus or contaminated objects.
    • Post-exposure vaccination should ideally occur within 4 days of an exposure to prevent disease, but vaccination should be  offered up to 14 days after last exposure.

NH’s updated vaccination guidance strives to be more inclusive and provide flexibility for healthcare providers, but also allows patients to self-identify as being at-risk.

IF you HAVE a primary care provider, call your provider and ask if the vaccine is right for you.

  • If yes, ask your provider to make a referral to one of the listed clinic sites to schedule an appointment.

IF you DO NOT HAVE a primary care provider, call one of the listed clinics to see if the vaccine is right for you and:

  • Schedule an appointment or
  • Walk into any of the Convenient MD locations.