Protect Against Skimming and Fraud with the ebtEDGE Mobile App

Information about the risks of EBT skimming and fraud and how to protect your benefits

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EBT CARDHOLDERS – Don’t become a victim of Skimming & Fraud– the ebtEDGE Mobile App can help protect your SNAP and cash benefits!

Download the ebtEDGE app to reduce your chances of having your EBT card benefits stolen. You can activate these security features right away through the app: 

•    FREEZE YOUR CARD between uses. Simply unfreeze your card prior to making a purchase

•    CHANGE YOU PIN frequently. Never write your PIN on the card, or have it in your wallet or purse.

•    BLOCK TRANSACTIONS from other states if you don’t plan to leave NH. The majority of skimming cases are coming from other states. 

•    BLOCK ONLINE TRANSACTIONS if you don’t shop online. This will prevent your card from being used for fraudulent internet purchases.

  • Remember: You must turn this feature off, when you want to make an online purchase or delivery.  


Get the ebtEDGE Mobile App

The ebtEDGE app is available for both Android and Apple phones and other devices, and can be found at: