Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory

The Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory employs the latest molecular, genetic and computer technologies for the purpose of research & development, disease outbreak investigation and readiness for bioterrorism.

The Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory serves the following primary functions:

  • Development, optimization, validation, implementation and troubleshooting of new nucleic acids-based (molecular) diagnostic tests for the detection of infectious diseases that are of concern to the citizens of New Hampshire
  • Molecular surveillance and infectious diseases outbreak investigations including food-borne infections (E. coli, Salmonella, Listeria, Campylobacter and Shigella), Bordetella pertussis, Norovirus, WNV, EEE, Hepatitis C, etc.
  • DNA sequence analysis for pathogen identification, surveillance, genotyping and outbreak investigation (Hepatitis C, Norovirus, etc.).
  • DNA/RNA based testing for all select agents (Bioterrorism)
  • Testing for emerging pathogens such as Babesia, Flu, etc.
  • Assessment/evaluation of new technologies for the detection of emerging infections
  • Training