Similac Powder Formula Recall

Abbott, the manufacturer of Similac, has issued a voluntary recall for Similac powder formulas manufactured in their Sturgis, Michigan plant, in response to an investigation by FDA into consumer complaints of Cronobacter Sakazakii and Salmonella Newport infections.

All of the following Abbott formulas produced in Sturgis, MI are affected by the recall:

  • Total Comfort powder
  • Similac for Spit Up powder
  • Alimentum powder
  • EleCare powder Infant and Junior

The following Abbott formulas, produced in Sturgis, MI as well as other plants, are partially affected by the recall:

  • Similac Sensitive powder
  • Similac Advance powder

The following Abbott formulas are not affected by the recall (not produced at Sturgis, MI plant):

  • Isomil
  • NeoSure
  • All Similac concentrated liquids and ready to feeds

What To Do

  • Find out if any formula you may have purchased is included in the Abbott recall.

    Products are included in the recall if they have all three items below (see reference photo):

    1. The first two digits of the code are 22 through 37, and
    2. The code on the container contains K8, SH, or Z2, and
    3. The expiration date is 4-1-2022 (APR 2022) or later.
  • DO NOT feed your baby any of this formula if it is included in this recall.
  • You may throw away the formula if opened but keep the cans of the affected formula — you will need the cans for replacement with another formula or for a refund.
  • Return your recalled cans (opened/unopened) to any retailer for an exchange/refund. A receipt is not required
  • Families who are not able to return the recalled formula to a store should keep the recalled cans in a safe place and work through Abbott’s website for a refund.

Please note that it is unsafe to over dilute formula or make homemade infant formula.

Families participating in the NH WIC Program should follow the steps outlined above and are encouraged to reach out to their local agencies with additional questions. The NH WIC Program is adding additional products for families to purchase with their eWIC card when Similac is not available. This situation is challenging and is impacting many families across the country. To find your local agency WIC phone number visit or call 1-800-942-4321. USDA and Abbott have clearly stated that WIC participants should be treated the same as all other customers when following store policy recall procedures. It is not required that vendors determine whether a product was purchased with WIC benefits as a part of the return/exchange process or require a receipt for the return/exchange nor does a participant need to disclose that information when returning a recalled formula. Whatever mechanisms a retailer is using to support other customers’ requests for a replacement (e.g., offering another size, type, manufacturer, a gift card or cash refund), should apply to families on WIC that shop at that store.

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