DHHS Human Resources

Resources and information about the DHHS Human Resources Bureau

Welcome to the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) Bureau of Human Resources. The Human Resources department is available to assist you with career opportunities, questions related to compensation and benefits, or any other questions related to working at DHHS.


A Career that Matters

The employees here are able to assist residents by providing resources and services for individuals, children, families and seniors. They administer programs and services such as mental health, developmental services, substance misuse, and population health. Those who choose to work at DHHS often are public service focused, whether you have direct connection to clients or employees, our goals are centered on being helpful, accurate, and efficient. If you are a person who strives to make a difference, come join us at the Heart of the State, where we join communities and families in providing opportunities for residents to achieve health and independence.


We Invest in You

The State of NH provides a very special work environment that provides career advancement, an inclusive team-based approach, a comprehensive training and development program and plenty of opportunities for personal growth. Each year, there are funds available for professional development and tuition assistance. Our Organization Development and Training Services Team also offers a broad scope of courses and learning opportunities beyond the classroom for DHHS staff. Most DHHS employees enjoy a predictable work schedule to achieve a healthy work/life balance! DHHS also has many positions that are eligible for telework!

Working for the State of New Hampshire as a full-time employee allows you and your dependents to be eligible to participate in our competitive benefits package, which includes health, dental and life insurance. We also have retirement savings and a variety of other perks and rewards to help employees meet their needs. Visit the State of NH Employee Benefits website to learn more about benefits, and the salary scales.

DHHS follows the State and Federal laws that relate to leave and is a Recovery Friendly Workplace. The state also observes 10 holidays a year and DHHS employees are able to accrue three additional floating holidays per fiscal year.


Job Certification

Human Resources reviews all employment applications and certifies in writing if the applicant meets the minimum educational and experience requirements. The review takes into account the relevancy of an applicant's stated education, the relevancy of an applicant's stated work experience and any requirements for the equivalent substitution of education and experience. When an applicant meets the minimum requirements, the application is considered certified and is forwarded to the Hiring Manager, or the Examinations Unit when a written examination is required. When an applicant does not meet the minimum requirements, the application is not certified, and an applicant will be notified in writing of non-certification.


It is our mission to:

  • Develop an attitude of teamwork and quality in our day-to-day operations
  • Reduce waste by pursuing continuous improvement ideas and activity
  • Respect values that may be different then our own
  • Accept responsibility for promoting ethical and legal conduct in business practices
  • Communicate in a candid, fair and prompt manner

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