NH Employee Assistance Program

The State of New Hampshire Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is designed to offer assistance to all State employees and their family members.

EAP services are confidential and voluntary to assist NH government employees and their families in addressing issues that may affect their overall well-being. The EAP works closely with individuals and families to help:

  • Identify issues before they disrupt your personal or professional life
  • Resolve the issues
  • Improve an employee's ability to carry out his/her job

EAP Specialists provide professional assessment and referral services to assist employees in developing problem resolution strategies and in linking to community resources. The EAP provides a number of unique services. In addition to specific services directed to individuals, EAP provides consultation services to managers and supervisors effectively addressing group problems or group-focused improvements. These services are intended to enhance communication, cooperation, productivity, and teamwork in the workplace.


Employees and departments participating in the Employee Assistance Program may be concerned about the matter of confidentiality. We at the Employee Assistance Program are committed to confidentiality, however it is important that you realize that even professional confidentiality has its limits.

Most communications are protected by federal and state laws which assure that whatever information is given, orally or in writing, to any member of the EAP staff will not be revealed. However, in some cases, the State requires of all individuals the obligation to report certain facts which come to their attention. By law, the EAP staff must notify appropriate agencies of:

  • Any form of neglect or abuse to children or the elderly
  • Posing a threat of harm to self or others

We are committed to the principle that any information or material we receive, other than that required by law to be reported to authorities will not be communicated to anyone without your permission.


An Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a program that can help with everyday issues to traumatic events. It is both a confidential and voluntary program, assisting employees and their family members in resolving personal concerns that may interfere with work or home life.


Services are available to all NH state government employees and their family members. The EAP liberally defines family member to include significant people in the lives of employees. A family member is extended the same rights of confidentiality as the employee, and of course, the program is voluntary for family members as well.

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