DHHS Roadmap 2023

Information about the DHHS Roadmap, a plan to define and track DHHS plans to meet mission goals.

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Roadmap 2023 Final Report

Roadmap 2023 Final Report

The New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) has developed the DHHS Roadmap 2023, a high level plan that defines how DHHS will make progress toward its foundational mission over the next 12 months. The Roadmap is a public document to build a shared understanding among DHHS employees, external partners and stakeholders.  

The Roadmap is envisioned as an anchor for accountability to those we serve. It will serve as a tool for accountability to track our progress and report on what was accomplished at the end of the year. The Roadmap is also an opportunity to highlight and amplify programs that may not have a high degree of visibility. 

The Department’s progress on accomplishing its goals and meeting its mission will be carried out and measured through four major commitments:

  • Invest in People and Culture – Increase staff satisfaction and improve work environments to enhance recruitment, development and retention efforts.
  • Promote Thriving Communities – Strengthen core systems, with an emphasis on prevention services, to help residents get the right services at the right time and place.
  • Enhance Organizational Value – Maximize the quality and integrity of all of DHHS’s direct and contracted work.
  • Manage Resources Effectively and Efficiently – Improve and align internal operations to reduce duplication and ensure people, money, and time are dedicated to the right areas.

Together, the Department’s staff will fulfill these four commitments through 11 initiatives consisting of 28 goals designed to drive the Department forward as a more effective and responsive agency that strives to be the best possible steward of public resources. DHHS will provide updates on the Roadmap and a final report after February 2024.

DHHS Mission

To join communities and families in providing opportunities for residents to achieve health and independence.