Advisory Organizations

Committees, commissions, councils, and boards in which DHHS is involved.

Child Fatality Review Committee

The Child Fatality Review Committee is grounded in the belief that a child’s preventable death is a community’s responsibility. A sentinel (unanticipated) event should raise a call to action. The primary goal is to learn what happened and prevent harm to other children in New Hampshire.


Council for Thriving Children

The Council for Thriving Children was established by Governor Chris Sununu as New Hampshire's Early Childhood Council, alongside officials from the New Hampshire Department of Education, New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services, members from the University System of New Hampshire, and Early Childhood Development Stakeholders.


Council on Housing Stability

The Council on Housing Stability has been established for the purposes of creating and implementing a plan to create housing stability for all citizens of the State of New Hampshire.


Crisis Standards of Care State Disaster Medical Advisory Committee

The Crisis Standards of Care State Disaster Medical Advisory Committee consists of representatives from key stakeholders and leaders from health and medical stakeholders and associations to provide guidance to health care facilities and make recommendations to Governor Sununu during a crisis period.


Data Privacy and Information Technology Security Governance Board

This governance board was established by HB2 Section 126-A:104, to oversee the Department of Health and Human Services' use of data, data privacy, and information technology security. 


DCYF Advisory Board

The Division for Children, Youth & Families (DCYF) Advisory Board advise the Director of DCYF on policy and program priorities for children, youth & families in New Hampshire. The DCYF Advisory Board members serve as advocates to ensure that children and youth are guaranteed an independent voice within the public policy process.


Governor's Commission on Alcohol and Other Drugs

The mission of the Governor's Commission on Alcohol and Other Drugs is to significantly reduce alcohol and drug problems and their behavioral, health and social consequences for the citizens of New Hampshire by advising the Governor regarding the delivery of effective and coordinated alcohol and drug abuse prevention, treatment and recovery services throughout the state.


Institutional Review Board

The New Hampshire Department of Health & Human Services Committee for the Protection of Human Subjects (NH DHHS CPHS) is the Institutional Review Board (IRB) is charged with overseeing research conducted in department-funded programs that serve people with primarily mental illness, developmental disabilities, and substance abuse or dependence disorders. 


Juvenile Justice Reform Commission

The Juvenile Justice State Advisory Group provides leadership to the State and communities on juveniles and their families by providing resources, program evaluation and technical assistance through advocacy, and education in collaboration with State and local government and communities.

Legislative Commission on the Interdisciplinary Primary Care Workforce

The Legislative Commission on the Interdisciplinary Primary Care Workforce is an ongoing commission to plan and advocate for policy changes related to maintaining and strengthening an effective primary care workforce in New Hampshire, with a special concern for rural and other underserved areas. 


Medical Care Advisory Committee

The New Hampshire Medical Care Advisory Committee is a public advisory group established to advise the State Medicaid Director regarding New Hampshire Medicaid policy and planning.


NH Child Care Advisory Council

The NH Child Care Advisory Council was created to support the development of quality, affordable child care statewide, and provide a forum for the gathering and dissemination of information among groups concerned with child care and related services.


NH Interagency Coordinating Council

The NH Interagency Coordinating Council is a federally-mandated council serves as an advisory group to the DHHS Bureau for Family Centered Services to oversee Family Centered Early supports and Services for children birth to age three who have or are at risk of having developmental delays and their families.


NH Youth Advisory Board

The NH Youth Advisory Board is made up of teens in out-of-home care between the ages of fourteen and twenty-one. The board is composed of five regional teams that meet on a monthly basis and quarterly as one group to work on a variety of initiatives aimed at improving the lives of youth in care.


Opioid Abatement Trust Fund & Advisory Commission

House Bill 1639 established an opioid abatement trust fund and the advisory commission that will oversee it. DHHS, in consultation with this commission, shall use the fund to support programs associated with the prevention, treatment, and recovery of substance use disorders.


Prescription Drug Affordability Board 

RSA 126-BB established the Prescription Drug Affordability Board (PDAB) to evaluate the cost of prescription drugs and determine whether they present an affordability challenge for consumers and health systems in New Hampshire. 


Public Health Improvement Services Council 

The Public Health Improvement Services Council will sustain the oversight of the public health improvement efforts that began with the Public Health Improvement Action Plan Advisory Committee (PHIAP) in February 2006. The Council also oversees public health regionalization initiatives.

Suicide Prevention Council

The New Hampshire Suicide Prevention Council is dedicated to promoting awareness that suicide is a preventable public health problem. Together, we can raise awareness and increase access to mental health, substance misuse, and suicide prevention services.


Therapeutic Cannabis Medical Oversight Board

The Therapeutic Cannabis Medical Oversight Board was established monitor and contribute to the oversight of the clinical, quality, and public health related matters of the use of cannabis for therapeutic purposes.