Resources for DHHS Providers, Small Business & Nonprofits

Resources to assist providers, small business, and nonprofits

Businesses and non-profits that work with the Department are dedicated to serving our communities by providing excellent service quality, meeting the needs of individuals and families across the State.

However, we also recognize that behind the service delivery, there are teams of administrators, accountants, bookkeepers, facility managers, grants managers, and others keeping those providers on track financially, by managing budgets and financial reporting, contract compliance, and strategic growth.

Did you know?

New Hampshire has the resources to help your organization with these ‘back-office’ functions, from identifying additional grants, to borrowing, marketing advice, or even to achieve a better understanding Board responsibilities and oversight, the resources listed below exist to help answer your questions on organizational sustainability and growth.

The New Hampshire Department of Justice’s Charitable Trust Unit protects the public's interest in the charitable organizations and assets committed to charitable purposes in New Hampshire. The unit provides education to Executive Directors in the areas of financial reporting and restricted assets, and Boards in the areas of governance and fiduciary duties. Additionally, the unit’s website has information and resources for directors, donors, fundraisers, executives, as well as information specific to Health Care Organizations

The New Hampshire Charitable Foundation is a community foundation that makes grants to nonprofit organizations advance a range of issues including health and well-being, environmental protection, education, housing and other basic needs, arts and culture, and civic health. Visit for more information.  

There is a misconception that smaller audit clients have no internal controls. While an entity may not have documented controls, some controls always exist. The American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) has developed Aid for Identifying and Testing Controls at Smaller Entities to provide examples of controls that could be implemented by entities of any size. The aid is free to download after registering on the site.

The New Hampshire Center for Non-Profits has a Resource Center and many of their workshops are open to the public. They help advertise jobs, post press releaseshold events, and publish free newsletters on nonprofit sector news, advocacy issues, funding opportunities, and more. 

New Hampshire’s Small Business Development Center (SBDC) is the leading resource for business advising (including non-profits) in the Granite State. In addition to one-on-one, confidential business advising, the NH Small Business Development Center offers educational training programs and services designed to help a business take the next step and forge their path forward in specialized topic areas.

The Community Development Finance Authority (CDFA) is a statewide nonprofit public authority focused on maximizing the value and impact of community development, economic development and clean energy initiatives throughout New Hampshire. The organization leverages a variety of financial and technical resources, including the competitive deployment of grant, loan and equity programs. Those resources include New Hampshire state tax credits, federal Community Development Block Grant resources and the CDFA Clean Energy Fund. To schedule a meeting with CDFA staff to discuss a project idea or better understand financial and technical resources available to nonprofits, municipalities and businesses, you can schedule a meeting via: