Homeless Services

The Bureau of Homeless Services (BHS) strives to end homelessness in
New Hampshire through a collaborative approach to ensure that all people experiencing homelessness obtain permanent housing and self-sufficiency.

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Are you homeless or experiencing a housing crisis?

Are you homeless or experiencing a housing crisis?

To learn about available social services within your community, including housing and shelter resources, call NH 2-1-1 or contact your local city or town welfare office.

Program Development & Collaboration

Under the Division for Behavioral Health, BHS works with NH communities to develop programs and services for people at risk of or experiencing homelessness. These services are offered at the local level through community partners and service providers.

BHS plans for and funds homeless services through contracted agencies across New Hampshire's ten counties. BHS advocates for the needs of people experiencing homelessness and ensures effective use of resources through program oversight and fiscal monitoring of funded programs. BHS also collaborates with other public agencies that serve people experiencing homelessness and with partner advocacy and service organizations to maximize effective use of available resources. 

Support Networks

To better understand the causes of homelessness and to ensure support networks are available for individuals, youth, and families within their communities, agencies such as local police departments, town and city welfare offices, schools, hospitals, churches and other providers help BHS through the collection of data and also through observation and outreach to people experiencing homelessness statewide.

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