Recently Adopted Administrative Rules

Recently adopted Administrative Rules pertaining to NH DHHS.

When a proposed rule is approved by the Joint Legislative Committee on Administrative Rules (JLCAR) and adopted by the Department, the ARU prepares a certified copy of the rule in collaboration with the Office of Legislative Services, which is the office that is responsible for posting the official version of the rule on their website. Depending on the effective date of the rule, and the length of the certification process, recently adopted rules may be posted here to the DHHS website. Note that the Adopted Rules posted here are for informational purposes only and may be subject to editorial changes before being considered the "official" version. All official versions of DHHS rules are located at the New Hampshire Office of Legislative Services website.

Recently Adopted Rules

He-P 819 "Case Management Agencies"

He-C 6446.06, 6446.14, and 6446.15 "Foster Family Care Licensing Requirements- License and Permit Requirements"

He-A 304.07 and He-A 304.18 "Certification and Operational Requirements for Opioid Treatment Programs"

He-M 203.02, He-M 203.05, & He-M 203.12 "Complaint Resolution Procedures for Family-Centered Early Supports and Services"

He-M 510 "Family-Centered Early Supports and Services"

He-W 506 "Medicaid Care Management (MCM)"

He-P 808 "Laboratories and Laboratory Services Rules"

He-C 6910.06 "Employment Related Child Care Scholarship Eligibility" (Division of Economic and Housing Stability)

Adopted Rule


He-M 1401, "Operational Requirements for Institutions for Mental Disease Treating Serious Mental Illnesses"

He-W 696 "Nutritional Supplement for Working Families (NSWF)" (Bureau of Family Assistance)

Adopted Rule

He-M 504 "Provider and Provider Agency Operations"

He-W 670.03 "Determination of the Grant" (Bureau of Family Assistance)

Adopted Rule

He-P 2300 various, "Sanitary Production and Distribution of Food"

He-P 4090.01 "Annual Limits on Intake (ALI) and Derived Air Concentrations (DAC) of Radionuclides for Occupational Exposure; Effluent Concentrations; Concentrations for Release to Sanitary Sewerage" (Public Health Services)

Adopted Rule

He-W 506.04 "Medicaid Care Management (MCM)- Covered Services"

He-C 1501 "Data Submission of Health Care Facility Discharge Data" (Health Facility Administration)

Adopted Rule

He-W 570.04, "Pharmaceutical Services- Covered Items"

He-P 301.13 and He-P 307.07 "Immunization Registry Rules"

He-M 310 "Rights of Persons Receiving Developmental Services or Acquired Brain Disorder Services in the Community"

He-A 500 "Impaired Driver Programs"

He-W 566 "Dental Services"

Emergency Rules

Emergency rules are rules that forgo the public hearing and comment period process.  These rules are effective upon filing and expire 180 days from their effective date. Unlike other rules, when an emergency rule expires, the original rule it amended or repealed comes back into effect and remains in effect until the original rule's expiration date.

He-C 1002.03 and He-C 1002.04 "Opioid Abatement Trust Fund"

He-C 4001.14(a), He-C 4001.22 (e)-(o), and He-C 4001.23(b) and (f) "NH Residential Child Care Licensing Rules- RSA 126-U and He-C 901 Compliance"

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