New Hampshire Hospital COVID-19 Response

Information regarding the New Hampshire Hospital COVID-19 Response

Our senior management team and clinical leadership have been actively engaged in the current concerns regarding the pandemic of Coronavirus (COVID-19) in the United States and its impact on our operations here at New Hampshire Hospital. We are receiving routine updates on the latest admission screening guidelines and infection control protocols. All actions are in collaboration with the New Hampshire Department of Public Health and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidance. The hospital also has a detailed protocol around how we will handle any staff or patients who have tested positive for COViD-19.

NH Hospital’s Emergency Response Team continues to be activated. This response team process ensures all current guidance is being followed. The following information includes updated precautions that we are taking as part of our response:

  • Visits and public access to the facility continues to be restricted based on the guidelines from the CDC.
  • We continue to screen all personnel before entering the building.
  • Guardians and family supports, for whom we have authorization to share information, are informed of significant changes when a patient’s care is impacted by COVID related precautions.
  • Patients are being required to wear a mask when they leave the building for appointments. We are providing patients with masks if they request them. Patients are being screened for COVID symptoms daily.
  • All personnel are screened before entering the building to ensure they are symptom free. Our staff are considered Essential Personnel, meaning that we will be here to take care of your loved one.
  • Therapeutic programming has been modified to restrict co-mingling of patients from different units.
  • The hospital has always followed CDC and regulatory guidelines for Environmental Services and Food and Nutrition. We are staying abreast of and in compliance with new recommendations as they arise.
  • Multiple measures have been implemented to enable and support social distancing with staff and patients.