Date: August 03, 2023


Christopher Bond

Seeking Applicants for Expert Reviewer for the State’s Community Mental Health Agreement (CMHA)

The State of New Hampshire (State) seeks applicants for the position of Expert Reviewer for the State’s Community Mental Health Agreement (CMHA) due to the retirement of the current Expert Reviewer.  Amanda D. et al. v. Margaret W. Hassan, Governor, et al.; United States v. New Hampshire; Federal District Court of New Hampshire, No. 1:12-CV-53-SM.  The CMHA involves community-based services, programs, and activities offered to individuals with serious mental illness in the State’s mental health system who are institutionalized or at serious risk of institutionalization.  Substantive provisions include developing a Crisis Service System, expansion of Assertive Community Treatment (ACT), increasing Supported Housing, delivery of Supported Employment, provision of Family and Peer Supports, improvement of the Transition Process for individuals in facilities, and implementation of a Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement system.  

Pursuant to Section VIII of the CMHA, the Expert Reviewer independently observes, assesses, reviews, and reports on the State’s implementation of the CMHA in order to provide the parties with guidance on the State’s efforts to implement the terms of the CMHA, ways to improve implementation, and other suggestions to enhance the State’s mental health system.  Twice per year, the Expert Reviewer is required to submit a public report to the CMHA parties.  New Hampshire Community Mental Health Agreement, Expert Reviewer Report Number Sixteen.    

When the CMHA was approved in 2014, the Parties anticipated that the State would have complied with the terms within six years.  Compliance has taken longer than expected; however, in early 2023, the Parties reached an agreement as to part of the CMHA that resulted in the filing of a joint motion to modify provisions of the CMHA relating to Supported Housing and the Transition Process.  Following that agreement, the Parties supported the hiring by the Expert Reviewer of a consultant to make recommendations on Assertive Community Treatment.   That process is ongoing.

To fulfill these duties, the Expert Reviewer is allocated a maximum budget of $175,000 per year, which may be used to retain the assistance of consultants.  

Those interested in the position of NH Expert Reviewer may submit a letter of interest and resume to Christopher Bond at the NH Department of Justice by October 1, 2023.