Nursing Home Care

Nursing Home Care provides services for eligible individuals who are ill, frail and need 24-hour nursing care and supervision.

Nursing Home Care services may include:

  • residency
  • meals
  • skilled nursing and rehabilitative care
  • medical services
  • protective supervision

Nursing homes are licensed and certified by state and federal government agencies to provide levels of care that range from custodial care to skilled nursing care that can only be delivered by trained professionals. Many nursing home residents have physical, emotional or mental impairments that keep them from living independently.

Nursing facility services are available for individuals who meet certain medical and financial criteria in accordance with the requirements of the Medicaid program.

The Medicaid program covers the cost of nursing facility care for individuals unable to afford the cost and who have been found financially and medically eligible under NH Medicaid regulations for Long Term Care services.


Where to Apply

Contact any regional ServiceLink Resource Center to apply for Long Term Care medical services. E-mail addresses and fax numbers for application submission are listed on the front page of the application instructions.

Steps that NH ServiceLink Resource Centers can assist you with:

  • Applying for NH Medicaid Financial Eligibility
    You must be eligible for NH Medicaid to receive these services. A ServiceLink representative can help with the information needed to complete an application and make your appointment to apply with a family service specialist with the Bureau of Family Assistance.
  • Apply for Long Term Care Medical Eligibility
    You must be medically eligible for Medicaid-covered long term care services. Medical eligibility will be determined by an in-person, face-to-face assessment by a registered nurse employed or designated by BEAS. Nurses will use a comprehensive, objective assessment instrument, the Medical Eligibility Assessment (MEA) form to determine Nursing Facility Level of Care, medical eligibility and service options for the long term care program. A medical eligibility determination assessments will be scheduled by the nurse shortly after the financial eligibility application has been initiated with the Bureau of Family Assistance. Assessments will be conducted at the applicant's current location. The assessment process will be the same for both Nursing Facility and CFI services.

General Long Term Care Eligibility Requirements

  • Must have net monthly income less than the rate Medicaid pays to the facility. After expenses and deductions, an individual's income is used to offset the costs of care with the balance paid by Medicaid.
  • Resource limit cannot exceed $2,500.
  • $74 of income is allowed for monthly personal expenses and is used in post-eligibility cost of care determinations. Some income may be allocated to meet the needs of a spouse or legal dependent.
  • For additional information contact NH ServiceLink at (866) 634-9412.