Central Registry

The Division for Children Youth and Families (DCYF) Central Registry is a confidential database of individuals who have been found by the department to have abused or neglected a child in the state of New Hampshire. Individuals' names entered onto the Central Registry will be retained indefinitely unless the department is ordered by a court to expunge/remove the individual’s name from the database.

DCYF requires that the individual whose name is being searched through the Central Registry be aware that their name is being checked. In some circumstances a third party may submit the form on the individual’s behalf but the form must be signed by the individual and notarized.

Central Registry checks will be processed when the Department receives a written request from: 

  • an individual, for the purpose of checking their own name
  • a court in conjunction with a petition for guardianship of a minor (RSA 463) or incapacitated person (RSA 464-A)
  • another state’s child welfare agency
  • a private adoption agency that is licensed or certified in another state to check the central registry for information on a prospective foster or adoptive parent or any other adult living in the home of the prospective foster or adoptive parent
  • individuals working with NH youth as a contract employee providing services to children
  • a NH or other state’s licensed or certified daycare or residential setting (RSA 170-E)

If you are not an authorized third party listed above, you will not be provided with the results.  You will be notified in writing that you are not an authorized party. No information regarding unfounded involvement with the Division will be shared with any requesting entity.

Important: It shall be unlawful for any employer other than those providing services pursuant to RSA 169-B, RSA 169-C, RSA 169-D, and RSA 135-C, and those specified in RSA 170-E, RSA 170-G:8-c, and RSA 171-A to require as a condition of employment that the employee submit his or her name for review against the central registry of founded reports of abuse and neglect. Any violation of this provision shall be punishable as a violation.

If you are seeking a central registry check for child care personnel, please visit the Background Checks for Child Care Personnel page.

Adam Walsh Act

The Adam Walsh Act, Section 151, allows governmental social service agencies with child protection responsibilities to have access to the National Crime Information Databases when investigating or responding to reports of child abuse, neglect or exploitation, or before approval of any foster or adoptive placement. All requests must be in writing on the requesting agency’s letterhead, with explanation for the request.

To Request a Central Registry check:

Download, complete, and print the appropriate form and follow the instructions on the form for submission.

Expungement from Central Registry

Founded reports of abuse and neglect, by law, are retained indefinitely.

After one year, you have the right to request your name be removed from the Central Registry database by filing a Petition to Expunge with the Family Division of the Circuit Court.  Additional information can be found on the Circuit Court's website, including the form used: Petition to Expunge, NHJB-2135-DF.