DCYF Constituent Relations

Constituent Relations responds to the public's questions or concerns about the Division for Children Youth and Families' policies, programs and practice.

Constituent Relations Can...

  • Provide information about DCYF practices, policy, statute and how each informs case related decisions.
  • Provide community education & training relative to DCYF processes and practices.
  • Receive inquiries from the public about services provided by DCYF, conduct an independent review and refer the constituent to relevant management for response, as it applies to the situation.
  • Answer questions about services provided by the Division for Children, Youth and Families (DCYF). 
  • Monitor inquiries to ensure responses are comprehensive and timely.

Constituent Relations Cannot...

  • Intervene in current court cases.
  • Provide information about other state agencies, although a referral can be made to the relevant state agency if possible.
  • Resolve questions or concerns about other state agencies, federal agencies, the judicial system, or private sectors, but can refer the individual to the appropriate resource.
  • Review issues already in an appeals process.
  • Provide legal advice.

Process to Resolve a Concern

  1. First attempt to resolve the inquiry or concern at the local level by talking with the assigned Child Protective Service Worker (CPSW) or Juvenile Probation Parole Officer (JPPO). 
  2. If talking with the CPSW or JPPO does not resolve the inquiry or concern, then contact the employee's direct Supervisor.
  3. If the inquiry or concern is not resolved with the Supervisor, then contact the DCYF District Office Supervisor.
  4. If the inquiry or concern is not resolved after contacting the District Office Supervisor, then contact DCYF Constituent Relations at the telephone number or email address outlined below.


Constituent Relations will have access to confidential information in DCYF’s possession and will maintain the confidentiality of the information as required by state and federal laws.

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Mission Statement

The Division for Children, Youth & Families (DCYF) Constituent Relations Program assists clients and members of the general public by answering questions and responding to needs in a transparent manner with the goal of enhancing community awareness of DCYF statutes, programs, policies, procedures and practices.