Risk & Safety Consultation

RSC is a field-focused quality assurance review process for the Division for Children, Youth and Families. The Quality Assurance team reviews assessments identified as high risk of severe maltreatment or fatality to determine emerging patterns of danger and risk, and works with the assigned Field Services CPSW and supervisor to ensure comprehensive assessment of these families and appropriate interventions and referrals.

What is RSC?

Risk & Safety Consultation is a data-informed approach to quality improvement that provides a proactive approach of reviewing high risk assessments in real time and providing prompt feedback, as needed, to the field so an intervention can occur. The review focuses on the most critical risk and safety-related issues, instead of traditional reviews that include a large volume of questions about a wide range of topics, which are equally weighed.
RSC was implemented in New Hampshire in 2018 with the collaboration of Casey Family Programs

Continuous Quality Improvement

The Division ensures continuous quality improvement for the RSC process in New Hampshire through good communication, fidelity, and practice improvement. The RSC committee includes leadership and meets regularly to discuss emerging trends, practice protocols, and concerns and strengths from the field. In addition, there are fidelity reviews conducted regularly. RSC also works collaboratively with Bureau staff to design office Practice Improvement Initiatives.