Youth Skill Camp Program

A “youth skill camp” is a non-profit or for profit program with a specific curriculum that has been developed by individuals knowledgeable and experienced in the field to impart a specific skill in a logical progression of increasing difficulty over a period of 3 or more consecutive days.

The Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) oversees the criminal background check requirement established for youth skill camps. This program is not a licensing program; it requires criminal background checks to be conducted for all personnel who may be left alone with children. The owner must obtain these checks and submit certification of completion and their background check process to CCLU with a $25 fee on a yearly basis. The certification period runs annually from January 1 to December 31.

The camp owner or operator must develop a background check policy in accordance with He-C 4004.04, to ensure that no camp staff member has a criminal conviction for any offenses for causing or threatening direct physical injury to any individual or causing or threatening harm of any nature to any child. The background check policy must require all camp staff who might be left alone with a child or children to be subject to an annual background check prior to being left alone with a child or children, and prohibit any staff member who has not been subject to the required background check from working directly with any youth unless a staff member for whom the background check has been completed is also present. The camp’s background check policy must be reviewed and updated annually. The camp must make the policy available to NHDHHS and the public upon request, and post the policy to any camp websites and camp social media.

The camp must submit a completed certification form, background check policy and $25 fee to NHDHHS prior to any youth arriving at the camp in each calendar year the camp operates. Once the camp certifies compliance with the background check requirements, the department will post the camps information on the NH Youth Skills Camp Program website.

Not less than once in each calendar year, the camp operator must review the results of all of the personnel background checks and certifications for compliance with the established camp policy, RSA 170-E:53 & 54 and He-C 4004.05. The camp operator must also review any references, employment history, and volunteer history submitted by or for each camp staff member to determine whether to allow each individual to work directly with youths at the camp.

The camp operator must maintain an up-to-date listing of all camp staff in a position to be left with children, together with the status of their background check.


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Online Application

Contact Child Care Licensing/Youth Camp Program at (603) 271-9025 or to request access to an online application.