About the Supports Intensity Scale Adult Version (SIS-A™)

The Supports Intensity Scale Adult Version (SIS-A™) is a valuable assessment tool focusing on identifying how supports can help a person achieve their goals.

About the SIS-A™

The SIS-A™ has been used as an assessment tool to aid in service planning and delivery in New Hampshire for many years. The SIS-A™ does not focus on identifying an individuals’ deficits, but rather on identifying the supports an individual needs to achieve their goals. The SIS-A™ was developed by the American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (AAIDD). 

The Bureau of Developmental Services is excited to announce that we have contracted with Public Consulting Group (PCG) to administer the Supports Intensity Scale – Adult Version (SIS-A) assessments in New Hampshire. For more information on the SIS-A and what to expect, please see the one pager.

Components of the SIS-A™

The SIS-A™ is composed of three different sections that cover information about activities of daily living, personal advocacy, and exceptional medical and behavioral support needs. Some responses to certain questions will trigger additional supplemental questions. These supplemental questions collect additional information about medical and behavioral support needs. 


Team Approach

The SIS-A™ is designed as an interview of the individual, with participation from a team of friends and supporters.

Practical Orientation

The SIS-A™ interview forms rank support requirements by frequency, daily support time, and type of support needed.

Useful Information

Results include a visual profile of high and low intensity support needs, an index score, and a percentile ranking.

Valid and Reliable

The SIS-A™ was extensively field tested before it was initially launched in 2004. Ongoing research around the world continues to confirm the assessment's reliability and validity. The psychometric and technical properties are provided in the User's Manual.

Uses in Addition to Support Planning

SIS-A™ data can also be used to examine support needs across comparable groups for a number of purposes, including program planning, projecting future population needs, analyzing resource distribution, and program evaluation.

The SIS-A™ is completed in an interview-like setting. A recognized SIS-A™ assessor asks individuals (and people familiar with an individual’s needs) questions. The SIS-A™ assessor records information discussed in the interview and provides clarifying information about specific questions as needed. SIS-A™ assessments can be long, sometimes taking between 3 and 4 hours to complete. 

SIS-A™ results are normed and validated. An individual’s responses will be “scored” according to a standard protocol and the resulting score will be something that is comparable across individuals. 


AAIDD: Getting Ready for the SIS Interview

Watch this video for tips on preparing for your SIS interview