Tuberculosis (TB)

The TB Program works in partnership with healthcare providers, the Manchester and Nashua city health departments, and community agencies to conduct the collection of TB data, screening, treatment and prevention (containment) activities for TB disease and Latent TB Infection (LTBI).

The New Hampshire Tuberculosis Program offers:

  • Feedback on finding and treating active TB and LTBI, using the current guidelines,
  • Meet with medical Subject Matter Experts,
  • Public Health Lab testing,
  • Case work by a Public Health Nurse,
  • Isolation tips,
  • Directly observed therapy (DOT),
  • Support to perform contact investigations,
  • Disease data collection, review and watching for trends,
  • Upkeep of a TB/LTBI data registry,
  • Enable and boost reasons for clients to complete the treatment plan,
  • Resources and training for healthcare staff,
  • Resources for client education, and
  • Free TB medicine and services, if the client meets the income guidelines.

Reported Cases of Tuberculosis in New Hampshire, 2023

Tuberculosis Financial Assistance Program

The Tuberculosis (TB) Program has limited funds to pay for specific TB-related care for people living in New Hampshire (NH). Funds are available through the Tuberculosis Financial Assistance (TBFA) program. Clients must meet the guidelines to be able to access this program.

Outpatient services for disease review and treatment of TB, covered by this program, include:

  • Office visits,
  • Chest x-rays,
  • Lab tests, and
  • TB medicines.

Only services directly related to finding and treating TB will be covered.

  • Payments are made at the current NH Medicaid rate and will be sent directly to the provider.
  • Persons in this program will not be payed directly for their care or medicines.
  • This program does not pay for inpatient hospital or emergency department services.
  • A medical program staff must approve special services, such as a PET scan, BEFORE booking the services, IF the program is to pay.

TBFA Program Guidelines

To be allowed to use this program, a client MUST live in New Hampshire and meet all the following items.

  • Medical:
    • Have TB or have received services due to suspected active TB, and
    • Be under the care of a healthcare provider.
  • Financial:
    • Cannot get NH Medicaid,
    • Do not have private health insurance that would pay for these services,
    • Have yearly gross family income less than 300% of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL), besides family medical debt that is more than the guidelines, and
    • Submit an application for support.
  • The TBFA Program's Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS) are available in Spanish, Nepali and other languages upon request.

All information provided is confidential. If a person is approved for support, they will receive an enrollment card. The enrollment card is good for 12 months (1 year). If a client's care is longer than 12 months, they will have to reapply for the program with their nurse case manager.

 2022 TB Financial Assistance Table (300% of FPL)

Family Size Gross Yearly Income Gross Monthly Income
1  $ 40,770 $ 3,397
2 $ 54,930 $ 4,578
3 $ 69,090 $5,758
4 $ 83,250 $ 6,938
5 $ 97,410 $ 8,116
6 $111,570 $ 9,298
7 $125,730 $10,478
8 $139,890 $11,658

For a family size of more than 8, add $14,160 for each person to the Yearly Income.

Note: The amounts in this table are prepared by multiplying the base FPL by 300%.