Oral Health Program

The Oral Health Program is raising the public's awareness of good oral health as an important part of total health and wellness. ​

Sealing Smiles Across NH - Nashua

Sealing Smiles Across NH - Nashua

Bringing Cavity Prevention to Granite State Kids

pictured above are staff from the Oral Health Program and Solvere Health

The Oral Health Program has contracts with agencies across the state to provide preventive and reparative dental services for NH's children and adults who don't have access to dental care. In cooperation with NH's Medicaid program, community organizations, schools, private foundations and medical and dental professionals. The Oral Health Program promotes the benefits of community water fluoridation and protective dental sealants to prevent dental disease and improve the oral health of all NH residents.

The Oral Health Resources Exchange was developed to support and improve community and school-based oral health programs.  The Exchange will take you to sample documents that anyone may adapt. To request word document versions, contact the Oral Health Program.

Oral Health Resources Exchange

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