Recovery Housing

Resources for individuals looking to find a recovery house, or recovery house operators looking to learn how to certify and/or register their recovery house, or someone wishing to file a complaint concerning a recovery house.

Recovery House Definitions

Recovery Houses are safe, health, family-like substance-free living environments that support individuals in recovery from addiction. While recovery residences vary widely in structure, all are centered on peer support and a connection to services that promote long-term recovery.  (SAMHSA)

Certified Recovery Houses in NH are those that the NH Coalition of Recovery Residences (NHCORR) have certified as meeting National Alliance of Recovery House (NARR) quality standards for safety, recovery support, and ethical operations.  (NARR Standards)

Finding a Recovery House

Individuals seeking recovery housing can learn more about what to consider before choosing a recovery house by reviewing the information on the How to Find Recovery Housing flyer.

Individuals seeking recovery housing should visit the online NH Voluntary Recovery House Registry: Recovery House Registry 


Registering a Recovery House

Registration is voluntary, but is limited to recovery houses certified by NHCORR, the state designated agency for certification:  How to Certify.  Recovery house operators certified by NHCORR who wish to register as a New Hampshire Recovery House can do so using the New Hampshire Recovery Housing Registration Form.  

State agencies and vendors receiving state or federal funds to provide prevention, intervention, treatment, or recovery support services can only refer clients to recovery houses listed on the registry.  

Please note: for the protection of residents, the street address of recovery houses are not included in the online Recovery House Registry.  


Filing a Complaint Concerning A Recovery House

Complaints are reviewed during regular business hours – 9 AM to 4 PM, Monday to Friday. Actions taken on complaints are based the result of an investigation, which may include referral to another authority depending on the nature of the complaint. To file a complaint against a certified recovery house, please complete and submit the NH Recovery Housing Complaint Form.  

Complaints against recovery house that are not certified (see NHCORR list of certified houses: Certified NHCORR Residences | nhcorr) should be referred to your local health officer in cases of unsanitary conditions, your local health officer in case of building safety concerns or code violations, or local law authorities in cases of imminent or actual harm. For complaints involving suspected consumer fraud, please visit the NH Department of Justice Consumer Complaint website.


Direct questions regarding the NH Voluntary Recovery House Registry to: