State Office of Rural Health

New Hampshire's State Office of Rural Health (SORH) offers technical assistance to rural health care providers and organizations and provides healthcare related information to rural healthcare stakeholders. SORH serves as a liaison between rural healthcare organizations and many DHHS programs.

New Hampshire law established the State Office of Rural Health in the Department of Health and Human Services. The duties are as follows:

  1. Link rural health and human service providers with state and federal resources.
  2. Seek long-term solutions to the challenges of rural health.
  3. Increase access to health care in rural and underserved areas of the state.
  4. Improve recruitment and retention of health professionals in rural areas.
  5. Provide technical assistance and coordination to rural communities and health organizations.
  6. Maintain a clearinghouse for collecting and disseminating information on rural health care issues and innovative approaches to the delivery of health care in rural areas.
  7. Coordinate rural health interests and activities.
  8. Participate in strengthening state, local, and federal partnerships.
What is Rural?

Rural Health and Primary Care (RHPC) uses Public Health Regions (PHRs), communities with comparable public health issues and priorities, when reporting on geographic areas of the state. RHPC defines rurality for PHR using population and population density measures. PHRs with a population of 100,000 or more and with a population density of 150 people per square mile or more are considered non-rural. PHRs that do not meet this criteria are categorized as rural.

Rural Health Clinic Technical Assistance Network

The State Office of Rural Health (SORH) administers the Rural Health Clinic Technical Assistance (RHC TA) Network, which is open to all Rural Health Clinics in New Hampshire. A Rural Health Clinic (RHC) is a Medicare-certified clinic located in a rural, underserved area with a shortage of primary care providers, personal health services, or both. The RHC TA Network is driven by the needs of the RHCs and provides assistance through virtual and on-site learning sessions. It also builds community among RHCs with similar needs.