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Information about Family Resource Centers in New Hampshire

Family Resource Centers or FRCs are located in your community and open to every family. All services at the FRC are voluntary, confidential, and free of charge. FRC services are unique to each community, but can include:

  • Information and connection to concrete needs like childcare search, dental care, mental health supports, food and employment supports.

  • Parent & Kinship support groups 

  • Family events and activities  

  • Tax prep and other financial services 

  • Support using NH EASY  to apply for benefits and eligibility programs

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Family Resource Center?

Family Resource Centers (FRCs) are places that families can come to for resources, services, support, supplies, connections, and opportunities. FRCs are available across NH and are unique to each community. Services may vary by location, but all FRCs are here to support your family’s needs and goals.

How can a Family Resource Center help my family?

The Family Resource Center provides support to parents, children, teens, grandparents, guardians, caregivers and any other family member or individual with your family. Staff at the FRC work with you and your family to identify needs and connect you with resources to meet those needs.

Is this Child Protective Services or DCYF?

No. FRCs are voluntary, meaning you can participate because you want to.

Do I have to pay for this?

No, services at the FRC are free for all families.

Do I need an appointment?

No, you do not need an appointment. Hours can vary by location, calling first is recommended.

How can I find my local Family Resource Center?

You can find your local FRC using the map below.

Family Resource Centers


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We All Need Support

We All Need Support

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Family Resource Centers in NH